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INSIDE BLOCKCHAIN: Project Insights with Obiex Finance & VentAfrica



IBC Nweze & Jerome

On today’s episode of the Inside Blockchain Show, We would be getting up close and personal with Founders, Key Players and Industry Experts who have successfully paved paths, carved out niches and created digital solutions in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Our guests for today are Nweze Ikechukwu Emeka, Founder/CEO of OliliFood and VentAfrica and Jerome Ikechukwu Okeke, CEO of Obiex Finance and PayLot, as they reveal the ideas that inspired their projects, challenges they encountered, victories they achieved, as well as tips & advice for their community.

Nweze disclosed that;

“OliliFood is the 6th startup I ventured into and it was the most successful. This means that I failed 5 times before I got it right”

In addition, Jerome stated that;

“I got introduced to Bitcoin by my friend in 2016 while doing a part-time teaching job as a University Undergraduate…To me, it was internet money. I wondered how I could spend this money. Unlike my fiat “naira” that I can easily spend, doing the same for BTC at that time was difficult. It was a problem….That was when I saw the need to create a platform where crypto users can easily trade and convert their crypto to fiat”

ICYMI – Watch the video below:


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Bobby is a media personality and academy lead at Earnathon. He is passionate about cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology, as well as the value it drives in the present global economy. He is a freelance writer, actor and voice over artist. He enjoys cooking, singing and networking.

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1 Comment

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