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Australia Leads Asia in Bitcoin ATM Installations; Blockchain gains traction in African



In recent news, Australia has surpassed Asia by installing more Bitcoin ATMs than the entire continent. Since the beginning of 2023, Australia has installed a large number of crypto ATMs and has consistently added Bitcoin ATMs. In contrast, leading European nations and the United States have reported a reduction in ATM installations. According to coin ATM Raider data, Australia climbed from 5th to 3rd in January alone. Currently, the total number of crypto ATMs installed worldwide is 36,729, of which 364 belong to Australia.

Bitcoin ATMs: A New Trend in Australia

In Australia, Bitcoin ATMs have gained popularity in recent years. The installations have been increasing, and it is not surprising that the country has now surpassed Asia in the number of Bitcoin ATMs installed. This new trend shows how Australians are adopting cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin being the most popular digital currency.

Australia’s Growing Crypto Market

Australia’s growing crypto market is not only evident in the increasing number of Bitcoin ATMs but also in other indicators such as the volume of cryptocurrency trading and investments in blockchain-related startups. The country’s regulatory framework is also conducive to the growth of the crypto industry, providing clear guidelines for businesses and investors.

Metamask Denies Claims of a Wallet Exploit

Metamask, the cryptocurrency wallet provider, recently denied claims that an exploit of its wallet is the cause of a massive Wallace draining operation. Taylor Monahan had claimed that an unidentified Wallace draining exploit had stolen over 10.5 million dollars in crypto and non-fundable tokens since December 2022. However, Metamask has denied that this is a Metamask specific exploit.

The European Center for Algorithmic Transparency

On April 18th, the European Commission launched a new research unit that will investigate the impact of algorithms made and used by prominent online platforms and search engines such as Facebook and Google. The European Center for Algorithmic Transparency will help the European Commission identify and address any potential risks posed by these platforms. The team consists of data scientists, AI experts, social scientists, and legal experts who will analyze and evaluate the AI-backed algorithms used by big tech firms.

Long Sentence Requested in Crypto Shadow Banking Case

US prosecutors have requested a long sentence for an executive in a crypto Shadow backing case that has dragged on for five years. Reginald Fowler, the former minority owner of the Minnesota Vikings NFL team, was originally arrested in 2019 and charged with bank fraud, illegal money transfers, and conspiracy connected to Shadow banking practices. Through Crypto Capital, he allegedly provided Shadow banking services to several crypto exchanges, including Bitfinex, Binance,, and Quadrigo CX.

Blockchain Technology Gaining Traction in Africa

Blockchain technology is growing rapidly in Africa. According to the 2022 African Doctrine report by CV VC, blockchain deals in Africa raised a total of 474 million dollars in 2022, representing a 429% increase from the 90 million dollars raised in 2021. The growth in funding far surpassed the global average, which only saw a 4% increase in blockchain funding. Overall, African venture funding saw just a 34% increase with 3.14 billion dollars raised across 570 deals.

HyFi 2023: Marrying Traditional Finance with Web3

Finally, in April, the HyFi Conference 2023 is taking place on the 20th of April at the Capella Gallery Hall, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. HyFi 2023 is a one-day conference that aims to marry trade 5 traditional finance with the web 3 world. The organizers of the event aim to create a platform to bring together tradefair and Web3.

With these exciting developments in the cryptocurrency industry, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest news and market updates. For more information and news on blockchain and cryptocurrency, visit our website,, and follow us on social media. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on notifications.

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