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Game-Changing BEN Coin Roadmap Revealed! Visa, Microsoft & others Join Brazilian CBDC Pilot & More



Welcome to last week’s news update on CryptoTvplus. We bring you the latest headlines, including BitBoy’s unveiling of the Ben coin roadmap, major companies joining the Brazilian CBDC pilot, the closure of Unbanked, Bitpanda’s licensing agreement with Coinbase, and upcoming blockchain events. Stay tuned as we delve into these significant developments shaping the cryptocurrency landscape.

BitBoy Unveils BEN Coin Roadmap

Prominent crypto YouTuber BitBoy, also known as Ben Armstrong, has recently unveiled the roadmap for $BEN. This meme-based project gained immense popularity, experiencing a remarkable 101% surge in a single day. BitBoy, closely associated with Ben coin, released a portion of the roadmap on the official Bitport YouTube channel. The Ben coin roadmap focuses on four crucial aspects: public awareness campaigns, accessible crypto education, government regulation, and unbiased news. This roadmap sets the stage for Ben coin’s future developments and outlines its strategic goals.

Visa, Microsoft, and Others Join Brazilian CBDC Pilot

National and global companies, including Visa and Microsoft, have announced their participation in the upcoming Brazilian Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) pilot project. The Central Bank of Brazil, known as Banco Central de Brazil, will initiate the inclusion of participants in the digital platform starting in mid-June 2023. Among the 14 selected participants are Microsoft, Banco Inter, Sevenco MM, Visa, Santander, and several other Brazilian banking institutions. This collaboration highlights the growing interest of major players in exploring CBDCs and their potential impact on the financial sector.

Section 3: Unbanked Closes Amid Regulatory Challenges

Unbanked, a crypto fintech firm offering custody and payment services, has recently announced its closure. The company faced significant regulatory hurdles in the United States, leading to this decision. In a blog post, Unbanked co-founders Ian Kane and Daniel Goldman expressed their initial belief in building the company in the US as a long-term strategic move. However, after five years of operation, the regulatory environment made it unsustainable. This development highlights the challenges faced by crypto businesses in navigating regulatory frameworks in certain jurisdictions.

Bitpanda Secures Licensing Agreement with Coinbase

Bitpanda, a cryptocurrency investment company, has finalized a licensing agreement with Coinbase, a leading digital currency exchange. Under this collaboration, Coinbase will become a liquidity provider for Bitpanda’s Technology Solutions. This strategic partnership allows Coinbase to offer its institutional clients, including banks and financial institutions outside the US, a fully regulated trading infrastructure. Additionally, Bitpanda will integrate the Coinbase exchange into its network of approved liquidity providers. This integration enables institutions to leverage Bitpanda’s regulatory licenses and KYC services while expanding their presence in the European market.

Upcoming Blockchain Event: Crypto Expo Asia

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Crypto Expo Asia, a live event taking place from June 7th to 8th, 2023. This event will serve as a platform to explore investment opportunities in the crypto market. It will provide valuable insights into how cryptocurrencies can shape the world and shed light on key industry trends. Crypto Expo Asia offers a unique opportunity to network with experts and investors, meet industry leaders, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the crypto market.


In this week’s news update, we covered significant events shaping the cryptocurrency landscape. BitBoy’s Ben coin roadmap promises exciting developments in public awareness, crypto education, government regulation, and unbiased news. Major companies, including Visa and Microsoft, are joining the Brazilian CBDC pilot, further validating the potential of digital currencies. However, Unbanked’s closure underscores the challenges faced by crypto businesses amid regulatory complexities. On a positive note, Bitpanda’s licensing agreement with Coinbase opens new possibilities for institutional clients. Lastly, don’t miss out on the upcoming Crypto Expo Asia, where you can gain valuable insights and connect with industry experts. Stay informed, and remember to subscribe to CryptoTvplus for more updates on blockchain and cryptocurrency trends.

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