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FC Barcelona Partners with Ownix; to Unveil Unique NFTs soon



Spanish Football Club FC Barcelona partners with an exclusive auction house for NFts, Ownix to unveil its unique NFT collection.

The CEO of Ownix, Guy Elhanani said the football club will reveal its first five NFTs in a minting event at the end of November 2021.

The NFT collection will help to enhance the connection of the club with its audience globally. The Club said it will be opening the collection to fans and anyone across the globe.

The collection will not be restricted to only its fan base.

The NFTs which are expected to launch in late November will be facilitated through Ownix’s digital asset marketplace using its native token, the ERC-20 ONX.

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FC Barcelona revealed that the first five NFTs will be launched in a mining event in late November, and it will take place in the club’s facilities.

In the first few weeks after the Ownix platform launches, it will offer unique items as NFTs. Also, as time goes on, limited editions and collections will also be put up for auction.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are helping to redefine how we value objects and, especially in the digital world.

With the problem of unstoppable replication of value on the internet, the innovation of NFTs helps give true singular and ownership value to a piece of digital properties.

Also, while NFTs can be used to represent ownership in the digital world, it can also be used to attach value to a real-life object through what is basically called tokenization.

The rise of NFTs and their varied application has seen several top businesses globally hope to inspire brand loyalty and draw community and customers closer.

The NFTs are expected to go live by the end of November.

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