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Influencers Are the Drive behind NFTs Popularization – Karla Obarkpolor



The founder of NFT marketplace Qlipit and Crypto Asset Management Company, Crypto Smart has stated that influencers have played big roles in popularizing NFTs this year. Karla Obarkpolor stated this in an interview with the host of the Inside Blockchain Show by CryptoTVplus, Bobby Anyadike.


The interview began with Karla explaining what NFTs implied in simple terms. She explained NFTs as basically tokenization of real world assets. Tokenization of artworks, real estate that exists in the real world to the digital on the blockchain.


She went on to note that NFTs are not about artworks alone even though the hype at the moment is around artworks. She stressed that NFTs have made artists earn more credibility for their artworks in the sense that real artworks need verification by galleries to get the original creator while NFTs have made it easy to  identify the creator by the Metadata attached to it. 


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It also allows royalties to be keyed into these artworks such that the creator has the opportunity to earn as the artwork is resold. Real world artworks don’t get royalties without middlemen such as galleries being involved in the process according to Karla.


Influencers Drive NFTs Adoption

On the question of what was responsible for NFT rave, Karla noted that the influencers in the musical, sports and other sectors contributed to the hype because their fans get to buy their collection of NFTs.


“The drivers are basically influencers. We saw top influencers come into the NFT space. Apart from the top musical artistes like Jay-Z and top sport influencers like Messi. A lot of people have suggested that their fans would get these NFTs…”


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She went on to explain how NFTs can be used by creatives and influencers to connect with their fans in a way that both entities get to earn. She also stressed the essence of the NFT as tokenization of real life experience;


“… but looking into the future, what if an upcoming artist sells his NFTs and in 5 years he becomes an international act… the value of such NFTs increases, that’s tokenizing his career as a music artiste and that’s me earning by being a fan who bought the NFT and owning a piece of the real life experience… so the people pushing this right now are mostly artistes and the fans of those artistes.”


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