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Crypto Education in Nigeria Takes a New Route



Adoption is the buzzword in crypto communities and the best way to drive adoption is through education. A lot of persons have heard about cryptocurrency however, they have a limited knowledge of what digital currencies are and what they entail. This has led forward thinking crypto enthusiast to creating a week long blockchain and cryptocurrency workshop geared towards educating coworkers at Workstation as well as the general public about the technology they are so curious about.
The program is organized by Cryset who in collaboration with Yellow card. The event is schedule to hold for 6 days and begins on Monday, September 10 – Saturday, September 15 2018 at Workstation, 7, Ibiyinka Olorunbe , Victoria Island Lagos.  The aim of the organizers of the event is to create a classroom environment where teachings/learning of blockchain and cryptocurrency will take place. The organizers are working with the largest Co working space in Nigeria with a community of over a 300 people comprising entrepreneurs, companies, developer, and millennials.
Although the cryptocurrency market is currently down, this has not deterred crypto enthusiast who believe in creating real world use case for cryptocurrencies as well as driving adoption. The event will be given an ambience of a classroom with 25 students per class. This is to help the attendees learn in a learning friendly environment as well as ask questions and develop practical solutions to what they have learnt. The tutors for this event include high profile thought leaders, entrepreneurs and educators in the Nigerian Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space.
The workshop will be making access to a lot of cryptocurrency tools and information easier. The curriculum includes what is blockchain, Understanding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Introduction to Cryptocurrency trading, How to Integrate Blockchain into your business (Blockchain for Enterprises), Investment opportunities in the Blockchain space, Blockchain architecture, smart contracts and dApp development. The classes are designed in such a way that they target those without a basic knowledge in cryptocurrencies to those interested in investment as well as developers.
This is the first of its kind in the crypto space and it would be an exciting time for all those seeking knowledge in cryptocurrency and blockchain.


What do you think about these classes? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.
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