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BlockMesh Set to Provide South Africa with Free Mobile Data



One of the biggest challenge Africa is facing is availability of internet data. This makes accessing the cryptocurrency and blockchain space a little difficult as most people are limited to accessing mobile data. For South African citizens it is no different as they also experience data related problems. BlockMesh is a mobile data, crypto based firm that is revolutionizing mobile data sector by making mobile data free.
BlockMesh is a crypto firm whose main goal is to “disrupt the communications industry”. The firm is employing the latest innovations in mesh networking technology to “create cost-free communication networks.” The company whose founder, Bjorn Guido and core team members are based in South Africa had noticed the high data rate and the fact that the government and telecommunications company are oblivious to the plight of the people. The company aims to impact developing countries and “free up a huge part of users’ income.”
Bjorn Guido, Founder of BlockMesh Founder, explains how that the company has plans to create a service that will connect you to basically everything, without showing your data.
Although, its seems farfetched to use the internet without data, but then, the blockchain is revolutionising industries.
BlockMesh is using the Mesh technology, a telecommunication system which works beyond regular cellular tower range. The company had ended its  fundraising operations in February and A version of the firm’s chat and wallet apps can be found on Google Play Store. The firm is also developing a “Keyring booster” that will extend smart phones range from 150m to up to 15km.

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