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Lagos BlockChain Meet: Education Drives Adoption



A Blockchain meetup was held on the 28th of April, 2018 and Munachi Ogueke, the CEO of Cryset was the convener of the event. Cryset, is a blockchain company that builds software and partners with blockchain startups looking to extend their market and product reach to Africa. Munachi was full of excitement as the event commenced. Interestingly, he gave the opening talk in the first session and he spoke about the technology and how it works; how it gives us sovereignty, power and control of our wealth, identity and gives us the ability to do whatever we want with it. 

The overall purpose of the meetup had two major agenda’s. The first was to discuss the blockchain technology and how it can be effectively used in the various sector of the economy. The second was to grow the blockchain community in Nigeria through education and awareness. This focuses on breaking the notion that people are in the space just to buy when the market is bearish and sell when the market is bullish” more or less in for the profit and not the technology itself.

The meetup which had over 60 people in attendance, was graced with the presence of blockchain experts, investors, developers, enthusiast and general observers such as Chris Ani, founder of Digital abundance, Bashir Aminu, the Founder of Ven Hub, Ogundele Mayowa, CEO Agroplexi, Kelechi Onwurah, CEO Crypstone to mention a few. 

Chris Ani, who spoke on the topic: “How can Nigeria apply the Blockchain to improve governance” extensively explained how the technology can be integrated into the various sectors of the economy. Sectors which he mentions were agriculture, where it can be used for food authenticity and verification. The process would track the farm products, thereby making it easy for consumers and the relevant authorities to track the source of its consumables.

He also spoke about the Education as the key to massive adoption and the creation of an enabling environment by the government for the technology to thrive.



The first panellist session focused on the integration of blockchain in the agricultural sector with the topic: Improving Africa’sAgriculture and food industry with the blockchain. The overview of the conversation spanned across a few agricultural firms that were represented and the major issue discussed was how the technology can be deployed and integrated into the sector and how farmers could benefit from its use. Ogundele Mayowa- Agroplexi, Olufemi Adeneka-Circular Feed, Oluwakorede Moshood – Comestibles, Yemi Pedro- Farmovo were amongst the panellist.

The second panellist spoke on discussed on the topic “can Blockchain Improve Africa’s financial inclusion crisis.” the panellist included Ejemai Joseph CEO of Stach, Kelechi Onwurah CEO of Crypstone, Eseoghene Mentie a representative from Uport, and Ruth Iselema CEO of Bitmama. they spoke extensively on practical approaches that can be preferred to the African financial crises. Ejemai Joseph believes that “the blockchain is more about community and innovation. people need to be well educated beyond airdrops and holding that’s why we created a platform where people can understand the blockchain technology.”


When asked how Uport can bring their identity feature to the layman’s understanding? Eseoghene Mentie described Uport as  “decentralized and self-sovereign built on the Ethereum blockchain. what this means is that your identity will be built on the blockchain and it will include all data about you such as your name, your financial identity, and all your transactions. this means when you lose any information of yours, it is kept safe on the blockchain”

There was also a firebrand chat on EOS Akintunde, who was grilled with various questions from the audience  on EOS software and how fast the currency is rising in the market.  YellowCard product Demo was played and some participants got some free bitcoins. Finally, blockchain lawyer faith Obafemi talked on the regulations for Nigerian Blockchain startups. She gave a legal definition on virtual currencies, spoke on legal standards, risk management standards and exchange rates.


Largely, the meet up was a success, brought cryptopreneurs together, and gave crypto newbies an idea of what cryptocurrency and what the blockchain technology is all about and it is a buildup of what we anticipate in the crypto space.


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Image credit: Cryptotvplus
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Bitcoin Cash Support Added to HTC Flagship Smartphone, the Exodus 1




Bitcoin Cash support has been added to the Exodus 1, the flagship smartphone of HTC as part of a new partnership between the Taiwanese smartphone consumer electronics manufacturer and

The Exodus 1 which is an Android powered mobile phone is the first native web 3.0 mobile devices with architecture that secures crypto assets. The device has an easy to use digital wallet, Zion Vault whose software interfaces with the device’s hardware security.

The wallet allows users to store and make transactions using the bitcoin cash cryptocurrency without having to be exposed to remote system penetration.

According to, the partnership will see HTC pre-loading the firm’s popular wallet app on the device. In turn, will offer for sale the Exodus 1 Flagship device and other lower device from the manufacturer on the online store. The lower priced device Exodus 1s will also feature same native bitcoin cash support which the flagship users are to enjoy.

Speaking on the partnership, CEO Stefan Rust said “There are so many synergies between and HTC. We are very excited to be on this incredible journey together.”

Roger Ver, the Executive Chairman contributed saying  “’s partnership with HTC will enable Bitcoin Cash to be used as peer to peer electronic cash for the millions of HTC smartphone users around the world.”

Based on the news reporting arm of, HTC sees great promise in cryptocurrency and that is the reason why it has added support for bitcoin cash.

The Taiwanese firm’s Decentralized Chief Officer Phil Chen speaking on the importance of the partnership between both organizations said “Smartphones are everywhere and have proliferated across the planet. It’s very important for the adoption of crypto that it is easy to store and use, no matter which cryptocurrency is preferred by people. So the fact that BCH, one of the biggest cryptocurrencies, is now easy to use on our smartphone is very important for us. Together, HTC and are helping to bring crypto to the masses.”

He went further saying HTC believes in user ownership of, control of their data and cryptocurrency presents the best opportunity to start the journey into owning personal data. Understanding the fear of users owning and controlling access to their data, Phil Chen believes this will significant impact the business models and revenues of these ‘powerful firms’.

HTC believes the smartphone will be the tool which will allow users manage, access, store their digital assets. revealed that future plans of the partnership includes offering discounts when paying for goods in BCH as well as sales of the Exodus phones on

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Businesses Can Now Accept Ether as BitPay Add Support for Ethereum



Largest global blockchain payment processor Bitpay has announced customers will soon be able to safely, securely and compliantly accept Ethereum for purchases without the need for any further integration.

It also revealed that wallet users will be able to store and use the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap  in their wallet and BitPay Prepaid Visa Cards holders can top up debit cards.

BitPay formerly supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and has now added Ethereum to its list of supported digital assets on its payment processing platform.

Accesses to foreign exchange in some jurisdiction is a challenge to businesses and with the advent of bitcoin, businesses can easily and effortlessly receive payments from all over the world from users with the three supported cryptocurrencies.

BitPay speaking on the achievement was quoted saying “It is exciting to see BitPay leading the way in integrating Ethereum into global payment systems,” said Vitalik Buterin, founder and creator of Ethereum. “This truly opens up a new world of possibilities for the Ethereum ecosystem, and together we can continue to be a leading innovator for real world use cases for cryptocurrencies.”

BitPay offers stable coin settlement with Circle CENTRE USDC, Gemini Dollar (GUSD), and the PAX as well as in 12 currencies and direct deposits in 37 countries.

According to BitPay, it calculates prices displayed on invoices in 150 countries and can settle in over 200 countries. It further said that, for merchants who desire to be settled by bank transfer, the transfer is initiated the next day and cryptocurrency is settled the next day.

BitPay was founded in 2011 as the pioneer bitcoin and blockchain payment with large number of merchants already using its payment processor such as Microsoft, Newegg, Dish Networks etc. It enables users to manage digital assets with the BitPay walllets and turn digital assets into dollars with the BitPay Visa Card.

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Binance Announces Additional JEX Token Airdrop for Users



Cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain ecosystem Binance has announced additional JEX token airdrop for users of its platform.

Users are expected to use their login credentials to claim the tokens. The claim is available from the 11th of September, 2019 at 6:00AM (UTC) to 18th of same month at 6:00AM (UTC).

Users are to login to the Binance JEX and upon the first time of login, they will be rewarded with a random airdrop of between 10-100 JEX tokens.

The rules for the airdrop were presented in a list by the exchange in a blog post published today 16th of September, 2019.

According to Binance, users are expected to login to Binance JEX with their login information and the account must have trading records and a minimum balance of at least 0.01BTC before 3:59AM (UTC) on the 10th of September.

Users may only qualify for the airdrop the first time they use their account to login to Binance JEX.

It also revealed that the quantity of JEX tokens awarded from the airdrop after logging in to Binance JEX for the first time will be seen immediately.

Binance assured users who have login to Binance JEX before the promotion was announced will still qualify for the JEX token airdrop the first time they access their Binance JEX account with their credentials during the promo period.

Binance JEX formerly JEX is a spot and derivative crypto trading platform run by JEX Technology Co, Ltd. Binance announced the acquisition of the trading platform and added it to its growing platform businesses. JEX also offers other than derivatives, futures contracts.

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Top Cryptocurreny Exchange Latoken List Kenyan based digital currency OnyxCoin



Image: Latoken

Kenya based cryptocurrrency OnyxCoin has been listed on global cryptocurrency exchange Latoken. The digital asset Onyx is the native token of the OnyxPay decentralized exchange and it is owned by Kwakoo Group.

The Onyx is a digital asset with its own blockchain the OnyxChain built to facilitate universal payments. Through the decentralized exchange platform, Onyx will provide scalable, secure and safe payments in any fiat currency and across broad spectrum of service and industries by converting into a stable digital fiat currency, the OnyxCash.

Launched in August 1st, 2019, It allowed users to create accounts on the fifth day post launch.

In July 22, Latoken tweeted it will be listing the Onyx token on its’ exchange. With several hundreds of trading digital assets and large user base cutting across various continent, Latoken has listed the Onyx Coin on its’ exchange platform.

Based on a comment made to local media house, BitcoinKE, a representative of Onyx was quoted speaking on the Listing process “The process is quite hectic for native tokens that are not ERC-20.

The asset is currently listed against two industry dominant trading pairs. The BTC and ETH trading pairs.

Latoken is currently listed as No. 9 of the top cryptocurrency by coinmarketcap data with a daily volume of over $700 million.




Latoken is a cryptocurrency exchange with native token LA offering users spot trading, instant exchange, Crypto-Fiat gateway. It also offers crypto entrepreneurs IEO crowdsale services allowing founders to raise funds from the public. The LA is currently listed on OkeX, Hitbtc and Kucoin.

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