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Lagos BlockChain Meet: Education Drives Adoption



A Blockchain meetup was held on the 28th of April, 2018 and Munachi Ogueke, the CEO of Cryset was the convener of the event. Cryset, is a blockchain company that builds software and partners with blockchain startups looking to extend their market and product reach to Africa. Munachi was full of excitement as the event commenced. Interestingly, he gave the opening talk in the first session and he spoke about the technology and how it works; how it gives us sovereignty, power and control of our wealth, identity and gives us the ability to do whatever we want with it. 

The overall purpose of the meetup had two major agenda’s. The first was to discuss the blockchain technology and how it can be effectively used in the various sector of the economy. The second was to grow the blockchain community in Nigeria through education and awareness. This focuses on breaking the notion that people are in the space just to buy when the market is bearish and sell when the market is bullish” more or less in for the profit and not the technology itself.

The meetup which had over 60 people in attendance, was graced with the presence of blockchain experts, investors, developers, enthusiast and general observers such as Chris Ani, founder of Digital abundance, Bashir Aminu, the Founder of Ven Hub, Ogundele Mayowa, CEO Agroplexi, Kelechi Onwurah, CEO Crypstone to mention a few. 

Chris Ani, who spoke on the topic: “How can Nigeria apply the Blockchain to improve governance” extensively explained how the technology can be integrated into the various sectors of the economy. Sectors which he mentions were agriculture, where it can be used for food authenticity and verification. The process would track the farm products, thereby making it easy for consumers and the relevant authorities to track the source of its consumables.

He also spoke about the Education as the key to massive adoption and the creation of an enabling environment by the government for the technology to thrive.



The first panellist session focused on the integration of blockchain in the agricultural sector with the topic: Improving Africa’sAgriculture and food industry with the blockchain. The overview of the conversation spanned across a few agricultural firms that were represented and the major issue discussed was how the technology can be deployed and integrated into the sector and how farmers could benefit from its use. Ogundele Mayowa- Agroplexi, Olufemi Adeneka-Circular Feed, Oluwakorede Moshood – Comestibles, Yemi Pedro- Farmovo were amongst the panellist.

The second panellist spoke on discussed on the topic “can Blockchain Improve Africa’s financial inclusion crisis.” the panellist included Ejemai Joseph CEO of Stach, Kelechi Onwurah CEO of Crypstone, Eseoghene Mentie a representative from Uport, and Ruth Iselema CEO of Bitmama. they spoke extensively on practical approaches that can be preferred to the African financial crises. Ejemai Joseph believes that “the blockchain is more about community and innovation. people need to be well educated beyond airdrops and holding that’s why we created a platform where people can understand the blockchain technology.”


When asked how Uport can bring their identity feature to the layman’s understanding? Eseoghene Mentie described Uport as  “decentralized and self-sovereign built on the Ethereum blockchain. what this means is that your identity will be built on the blockchain and it will include all data about you such as your name, your financial identity, and all your transactions. this means when you lose any information of yours, it is kept safe on the blockchain”

There was also a firebrand chat on EOS Akintunde, who was grilled with various questions from the audience  on EOS software and how fast the currency is rising in the market.  YellowCard product Demo was played and some participants got some free bitcoins. Finally, blockchain lawyer faith Obafemi talked on the regulations for Nigerian Blockchain startups. She gave a legal definition on virtual currencies, spoke on legal standards, risk management standards and exchange rates.


Largely, the meet up was a success, brought cryptopreneurs together, and gave crypto newbies an idea of what cryptocurrency and what the blockchain technology is all about and it is a buildup of what we anticipate in the crypto space.


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Brad Garlinghouse,CEO of Ripple Predicts the death of Most Cryptocurrencies 



The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse has predicted the death of the majority of all the cryptocurrencies in existence. According to him, they will likely go to zero.

This prediction was made via a live interview with Bloomberg where he said very few number of cryptocurrency projects will survive and grow significantly as they are concerned with actually solving real life problems.

Others will likely fail because they can not support or solve real life problems. According to Brad, “Anytime there is a new market, there are a lot of people that run into that market and try to show that they can solve a problem, they can deliver a customer need.”

With more than 3,000 cryptocurrency that trade on a daily basis, he said, very few of them will actually be able to meet customers needs, and the majority of them will probably go to zero.

The same prediction made by Brad Garlinghouse has been made by others before most especially during the ICO boom days that say
w thousands of cryptocurrency project launched offering various “moon shot” products and services.

Max Keiser had also predicted the death of majority of altcoins according his twitter post in August, which reason “#Bitcoin dominance 68.2% — heading to 80% — as alts die in favor of BTC. The 2014-2017 era of alts and hard forks is dead. Don’t be the last to rotate out of alts into BTC.”

The growth in cryptocurrencies is caused by the hype around the crypto ecosystem, Garlinghouse said

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Electroneum to Launch ETN Powered Freelance Platform, Welcomes Beta Testers. 



Electroneum is set to launch its own blockchain powered freelance platform and it is calling for Beta testers to test the platform.

In an email sent to users, Electroneum said it has been talking about and building the platform for a long time. according to the email signed by the CEO, Richard Ells, is the Electreoneum powered freelance economy platform for the world’s unbanked.

It is different from other freelance platform to ever exist as buyers pay with a credit card and sellers get remittance automatically in ETN.
Electroneum calls on experienced persons in the freelance economy to join its Beta Testing Group and according to it, will help place final touches on the platform before public release.

The decision to join the Beta Testing Group according to ETN “will be helping to shape the futures of MILLIONS of people around the world, whose lives will be positively impacted by this launch.”

Explaining why AnyTasks was built? It was quoted saying

Increasingly, more of us around the world are selling online, be it on eBay, Fiverr, Etsy, or the like. In excess of $200 Billion is spent each year within the freelance economy, providing many with the ability to earn their own living. Yet, without access to a bank account, this remains an impossibility for hundreds of MILLIONS of people across the world.

We’re changing that! People in emerging markets can earn as little as $3 per day on average. Imagine if we could give these people access to an online marketplace, where they could sell a single digital task for more than their average daily wage. AnyTasks will provide people that opportunity.”

Additionally, a learning platform TaskSchool will be launching in the first quarter of 2020. TaskSchool will enable users to learn simple skills they can sell via their smartphones through the AnyTasks platform.

We’re changing the world, and we’d really appreciate you taking a little of your valuable time to be part of shaping it, Electronuem concluded.

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Crypto Market Opens With Bitcoin Above 9k as it gains $2k under 24hours, Nigerian Industry Participants Share insights.



Cryptocurrency market opened the day with Bitcoin above $9000 as it gains $2000 under 24 hours with over 68% dominance. The rise could be attributed also to the President of China as he talked about crypto.

Across board, cryptocurrencies are show significant gains with the dominant cryptocurrency Bitcoin showing a 26.48% gains as it adds $2k under 24 hours. Dominance is currently standing at 68.3% with the current value sitting at $9400+.

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is currently enjoy an increase of 16.26% as it trades currently at $188. Market capitalization has increased to over $20 billion.

XRP has gained 4.1% giving it the value of $0 29 with a market capitalization of $12.61 billion.

With other cryptocurrencies enjoying good gains, one would wonder what could have fueled the price action across the board and what it means going forward.

According to the Founder of Crypto Masterclass, Mr. Tola Joseph, he said

“It’s simple. This is the positive effect of BAKKT Bitcoin futures trading. Few weeks ago, I wrote on my WhatsApp status that BAKKT ruined Bitcoin (because of delay in launching Bitcoin futures) and I said this same BAKKT will impact Bitcoin greatly.

Mr. Tola Joseph expressed great confidence in the future about Bitcoin. He said,

“We are seeing this happening already. I think we are just getting started with the party. I think it won’t take long before we break Bitcoin all time high. The whole world will tremble and awareness will increase.”

CEO of Kurecoin Mr. Tega Abikure also gave insight into the reason for the surge in prices. According to him,

“There are several speculations as well as several possible reasons for this to have happened besides the normal suspicions of whales manipulation of the currency…”

He continued by saying,

China’s recent declaration to go full time blockchain across board and their desire to contest US current world currency domination through a wide accumulation of Bitcoin

These and many more including Bakkt futures gave the market such a response, however I also expect a correction as well.”

While Mr. Tola Joseph’s prediction portrays a bullish sentiment, Tega Abikure’s opinion on the immediate future is bearish. He said “I still believe the market is heading for a Low. Maybe around the 5k region”

For every bull run, there is always a correction as the charts always shows.

For the CEO of Nigerian Cryptocurrency Exchange, Bitfxt, Mr. Franklin Peters, according to him, the surge was needed for bitcoin to have a breathing space. The dump which saw the market went down required some space for the assets to climb back up. Bitcoin has been dangling, and considering the halving next year, people want to buy at its lowest so as to gain. It’s possible huge institutions came in as indicated by the huge volume of tether dropped into the market.

The upsurge in crypto market must have been anticipated by lots of people in the industry. One of these people is Mr. Tola Joseph of Crypto MasterClass.

As the thrust has started depreciating in its potency, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will likely see some corrections. While the optimism shared could very well be pleasing to the ears, what does the chart says matters. As the saying goes, history repeats itself. What say the chart? We will wait and see.

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Dogecoin to be Listed on the Binance US Platform 



Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance announces the listing of dogecoin on its platform. Hours ago, Binance released a blog post announcing dogecoin will be tradable on its US platform by 9pm EST 24th, October, 2019.

Now users can deposit dogecoin into the platform and start trading. is according to Binance “a fast and efficient marketplace providing access and trading across a diverse selection of digital assets.”

Binance continues to grow its presence globally. Hours ago, it also announced a partnership arrangement which will allow Nigerians and Africans to easily purchase Bitcoin, Binance coin and other cryptocurrencies using their debit or credit card.

The partnership with Flutterwave will also eventually allow other countries such as Kenya and South Africa to purchase cryptocurrency on Binance using their debit or credit card.

According to the Binance, it will continue to evaluate coins, tokens and trading pairs to offer on Binance.US in accordance with its Digital Asset Risk Assessment Framework, community feedback, and market demand.

Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide. Available on several OS such as Windows, Mac, Android and Linux, it’s currently trading at currently trading at $0.0025 based on data from coinmarketcap with a volume of $77+ million and market capitalization of $314,840,46.

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