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Dash Adoption Conference- Seeking to Promote cryptocurrency Use in Nigeria

Dash has proven itself beyond any level of doubt that it is here to redefine the way we perceive cryptocurrencie

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Promoting the Adoption and Use of Dash in Nigeria

Lagos hosted a community of Dash users on the 1st of March, 2019. The conference, which took place at the CIBN Learning Centre, Yaba, was graced by notable personalities like Franklin Peters, CEO of BitFxt; Michael Ogunseye, CEO of Dash Cart; Tega Abikure, CEO of KurePay; Munachi Ogueke, Chief Business Officer of YellowCard amongst others.

As portrayed by the theme of the conference — “Promoting the Adoption and Use of Dash in Nigeria”, the conference was a one-day event aimed at addressing the adoption of Dash as a cryptocurrency in Nigeria. The contributions by key speakers at the event proved that Dash, beyond all doubt, is massively being adopted in Nigeria.

Nathaniel Luz, Lead, Dash Nigeria Business Dev, kick-started the round of presentations with an eye-opener speech. He delved into very important details about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies — it’s borderless transactions, financial privacy and more.

He talked about Bitcoin, and why Bitcoin may not be a solution to the massive adoption of cryptocurrency all over the world. With these, he introduced Dash, explored the details of Dash, and talked about its adoption which he tagged “Oya Over to Adoption 1,2,3…”

Nathaniel was pleased to inform the audience about the integration of Dash into many online Nigerian platforms. It is a big move towards adoption.

Here’s a list of some giant steps that Dash has made in its quest for massive adoption in Nigeria, so far.

Integration of Dash into the Kurepay Wallet

Buying airtime, data on any network just got better. With the latest adoption and integration of Dash into the Kurepay Application, you can now recharge your phone, and/or renew your data with Dash. Moreover, you can also renew your DSTV subscription packages with Dash. Thanks to Kurepay.

Kurepay also facilitates remittances across Africa.

Esusu Africa

Esusu is a platform aimed at improving financial inclusion in Nigeria by digitizing thrift contribution. With a vision to become  the leading Digital Microfinance in Africa, the platform has also adopted the use of Dash, for deposits and withdrawals.

Yellow Card

With outlets in various locations in Lagos, Yellowcard is a firm that allows you to purchase cryptocurrency vouchers. Want to buy Dash? Find your way to any Yellowcard outlet closer to you and exchange your cash for some Dash.


Gigalayer is an online Web hosting services provider as well as a domain provider. They have strong roots in many African countries like Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, and so on. GigaLayer integrated Dash as a means of payment on their platform. This means that you can now get all the web services you desire using Dash.

Dash has proven itself beyond any level of doubt that it is here to redefine the way we perceive cryptocurrencies. Infact, Bitfxt (an exchange for swapping cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies  or Fiat) will be listing Dash against NANO, Bitcoin and BXT soonest.

What are you waiting for! It is high time you got a Dash wallet and a reasonable amount of Dash. In 2010, a person sold 10,000 bitcoins, approximately $41, for just 2 boxes of Pizza. Do you know how much a Bitcoin costs today?

If that can be the testimony of Bitcoin, how much more Dash, which has a better sustainability plan, awesome features (InstantSend, PrivateSend, low transaction fees, decentralized voting), and scalability. All these make Dash a better choice compared to Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies.

Dash will also soon be listed on Coinbarter, Busha and Bitmama.

Little wonder Dash is gaining so much recognition within a short period of time.  “How do I get Dash?” You ask

How to Get Dash

  • Purchase Dash via any of the options listed above and move Dash into your wallet so you can be in control of your own money

You can also download the “Discover Dash app to see where you can spend Dash near you. Visit Dashnews to stay up to date on the latest dash development.

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The Bank of Canada Plans To Launch Its Own Digital Currency



Since the future of money has come, the Bank of Canada considers launching a proprietary digital currency. This is contained in the presentation entitled “Central Bank Money: The Next Generation,” which was prepared by Stephen Murchison, an adviser to Governor Poloz, who shoulders the task of leading Canada’s digital currency research. The idea of developing their digital coin is to fight the threat associated with cryptocurrency and also to garner information on how Canadians spend their money.


According to the report, Canada is ready to take the lead in launching their cryptocurrency to modernize financial services. In this regard, the bank has released a white paper on the merits of creating a digital currency. The presentation, which was prepared for Governor Stephen Poloz and the board of directors of the bank, offered all the possible details about how the bank plans on developing the digital currency. It outlined over a dozen benefits the bank will get from launching its digital currency, which would be available, coexisting alongside coins and paper money before eventually replacing them.


Following the contents of the presentation notes the report, Canada needs to innovate to stay in the game, and thus, a digital currency would provide the benefits of a bank-owned asset as well as all the convenience and security of wireless electronic payments.


However, the presentation notes that digital currency presents a risk to stable, low-cost funding for banks.

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Another firm, has abandoned the Libra Project


on join the list of firms that has pulled out of the Libra Association.

The departure of the leading online travel firm from the Libra Association reduces the membership to just 21 members.

Facebook’s foray into the cryptocurrency industry has been experiencing difficulties as governments warn of the consequences of the global financial system it intends to create via Libra.

Few months ago, confirmed to be a founding member of the Libra Association alongside others like PayPal, MasterCard that have already pulled out from the Association.

Booking Holdings CEO Glenn Fogel when he newly became the Chief Executive Officer of the firm behind several travel focus businesses such as,, kayak etc was expressed his opinion on the future of cryptocurrency.

According to him, he said, he believes currencies with blockchain base will continue to surface and may gain acceptance globally.

Earlier few days ago, MasterCard and Visa revealed they would be departing the Facebook’s project. Regulatory pressure most especially from the US has been on the increase recently and this could be attributed to the growing list of firms abandoning the Libra Project.

Senator Sherrod Brown has said Big Tech shouldn’t be given power over public infrastructure like the financial system.

US Treasury Secretary, believes Libra could be used to finance terrorism.

The co-founder of Libra, David Marcus has already come forth to testify of the intention of Libra to create a global financial system while complying with regulatory requirements.

Co-founder of Libra, David Marcus said spoken on the fate of Libra as firms exit the Association. According to him, “I would caution against reading the fate of Libra into this update.”

He went further saying, “Change of this magnitude is hard. You know you’re onto something when this much pressure builds up.”

CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has been slated to testify before House of Representatives Financial Services Committee on the 23rd of October

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An open-source map to the Pan-African Blockchain Ecosystem



Africa blockchain cryptocurrency industry stakeholders have created a map of organizations in the entire African continent.

The map which was made open source currently has data of more than 100 Africa firms building on the blockchain or having businesses that interacts with the industry.

The African continent has been seeing growth in the industry steadily. Based on a data from a report made by Emerge, the numbers of African blockchain focused firms were less two-scores.

However, currently according to data already collected all over the continent which can be seen on the Open Source Map, there has been a tremendous growth in the numbers of firms building blockchain solutions in the continent. The rate of growth yearly since 2017 is over 120%.

The compilation of such data required hundreds of man hours however, representatives from various firms in the industry congregated to collate and arrange the data. The representatives were from CryotoTVPlus, Africa Blockchain Alliance, African Digital Asset Framework, Binance Labs, BitcoinKE, EOS Nairobi, Raise and Microtraction.

From payment gamification, consultancy, media healthcare etc, there are several projects or firms solving problems with the technology.

CEO of CryptoTVPlus, Tony Emeka speaking on the initiative said:

“As one of the largest media firms focused on the industry, we understand the impact visibility plays in the success of a firm”.

He went further saying;

“This map now ensures players in the industry get the right exposure they deserve as they continue doing what they do best, innovating.”

Anyone Can Update the Map

The incredible pace the blockchain technology is growing is unprecedented. As dynamic as it is, daily new challenges facing our social, political and economic environment are showing forth and the blockchain could help provide answers to some of these questions.

The emergence of a problem creates room for a solution, the joy of an entrepreneur, solving problems. These ultimately could create new firms all over the continent.

As an open source map, anyone can update the map with newer data of existing or new blockchain firms in their country or the African continent at large.

Adding Data

The Open Source Map can be found here, the data are found in a Google Sheet, contributors are admonished to keep the sheet clean.

Moving Forward

The world is moving fast, Africans cannot be left behind. In the world of global competition, developing local solutions that are carefully tailored to local needs are crucial to our survival, growth and development as a continent.

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FEATURED Launches the First Ever Cryptocurrency trading competition module in Nigeria



Naijacrypto a cryptocurrency exchange launches its first ever crypto trading competition module for both beginner and expert traders

Naijacrypto, in its vision to create outstanding solutions for cryptocurrency traders, is excited to announce the launch of its trading competition module in Nigeria.

Naijacrypto is a highly secure peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. It owns both web and app-based platforms that enables users to conduct trades of some major cryptocurrencies in the market.

This module allows both experienced, upcoming and beginner traders to trade various cryptocurrencies using virtual money and win prizes for good performances.

In this competition:

  • A trader can trade up to 30 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero.
  • Trading is with Demo money but the prizes are real!
  • There is a live feed given for every crypto currency the trader wishes to trade
  • Traders can view a leaderboard and see where they stand in the competition
  • Traders can test their trading skills without pressure of using real money.
  • Any trader can pick a competition that suits them.
  • Competitions run daily, weekly or on a monthly basis.
    Chat box available so competitors can chat and learn among themselves

All rewards are paid into your Naijacrypto account. Account holders will be able to claim their prizes directly to their wallet once competition is over.

Naijacrypto believes that this competition module is an opportunity for those trying to learn cryptocurrency trading to involve themselves in trade scenarios without the pressure of using real money. The interaction between beginner traders and pros can make the action of pros rub off on the beginners.

The trading competition module is now live on the naijacrypto website. The first competition is free to enter with the winner being rewarded with

100,000 naira for first place,

60,000 naira for second place and

40,000 naira for third place.

We are always open to partner with individuals and organizations who wish to organize or sponsor their own competitions on the platform.

To participate in the first free competitions or any subsequent competitions, simply create an account on or download the naijacrypto app on the google play store. Please note that there would be deferring competitions on the module with deferring roles.

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