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How and why B2Broker is helping institutions explore the Bitcoin derivatives market



The latest Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023 brought together leaders and enthusiasts in the world of cryptocurrency.

Among the notable speakers was John Murillo, Chief Dealing Officer at B2Broker, who shared insights on bitcoin and crypto derivatives, noting the growing interest and opportunities in this field.

Crypto derivatives are captivating financial instruments that derive value from an underlying cryptocurrency asset. 

These contracts enable traders to profit from the asset’s price fluctuations without actually owning it. Specifically, Bitcoin serves as the underlying asset in this scenario.

Over the last six months, there has been a surge in applications from various financial organizations seeking permission to offer crypto derivatives. 

Excitingly, many of these firms, including BlackRock and Fidelity, are eagerly awaiting approval to launch the Bitcoin ETF in the United States.

Rush for crypto derivatives

John believes that a new generation of traders and crypto enthusiasts is entering the market, bringing tremendous potential for businesses in the cryptocurrency sector. 

The number of identity-verified users and traders in the crypto derivatives space has experienced significant growth, presenting exciting opportunities for both traders and businesses.

Additionally, John explained that unlike spot contracts, which involve actual ownership, derivatives allow traders to speculate on price movements and utilize margin trading to open positions. 

Furthermore, while profit opportunities in the crypto spot market primarily arise during bullish trends, trading derivatives can be profitable regardless of the price action, as long as traders take the right side of the trade.

Moreover, he characterized B2Broker as a dependable option for those contemplating entering the crypto derivatives market. 

John emphasized that the company’s expertise, coupled with its role in fostering liquidity and offering essential support, is crucial for the success of its clients in the industry.

The firm primarily caters to institutional players, granting them access to extensive liquidity pools and enabling them to take advantage of competitive pricing in the derivative market.

Entering the crypto derivatives market 

When discussing the needs of businesses venturing into the crypto market, he emphasized that utilizing the experience and expertise of companies such as B2 Broker has become a popular approach for those looking to enter the industry gradually.

He further highlighted the significance of having scalable hosting infrastructure, a robust tech stack, round-the-clock support, and the capability to comply with different jurisdictions when selecting a business partner in the market.

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