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Jupiter reveals Terminal V2, Metis, Jupiter Start & governance token (JUP)



Jupiter, represented by its co-founder at the Breakpoint hosted by Solana, Meow, unveiled the Jupiter Terminal V2, alongside other new features of the platform.

Jupiter Crypto Exchange is a decentralized exchange based on Solana’s AMM protocol. It offers a wide range of crypto-crypto trading pairs and allows users to earn passive income by providing liquidity for Solana.

Meow highlighted the significant improvements brought by Jupiter Terminal V2, resulting in a more user-friendly experience. 

For instance, developers can effortlessly integrate Jupiter’s swap functionality into their websites, aiming to enhance the overall user experience.

Additionally, Meow introduced Metis, Jupiter’s advanced routing engine, as a foundational technology for the platform. 

Metis excels at finding the best prices across markets, offering high speed, and supporting Solana’s multi-state machine architecture.

Breakthrough initiatives unveiled: JUP token, Jupiter Start, and Labs projects


The co-founder also announced that the exchange will be launching its governance token, JUP token, which marks Jupiter’s entry into the governance space. 

All users and committed supporters of the exchange will have the opportunity to participate in an upcoming airdrop to receive the token.

During the event, another component of the Jupiter ecosystem was unveiled: Jupiter Start. This year-long initiative aims to redefine token launches by providing a platform for new projects. 

With a strong emphasis on transparency, community involvement, and long-term sustainability, Jupiter Start strives to create a trusted ecosystem. 

It consists of Token Spark, which offers education for new tokens; Launchpad, a platform for project launches; and Public Seeding, designed to assist communities in investing in early-stage projects.

Furthermore, Meow mentioned updates being considered within Jupiter, including a liquidity pool, training protocol, and a proposal for a leverage stablecoin built on SOL.

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