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Calimero Network’s CEO discusses community shard for data privacy in Web3



Sandi Fatic, CEO of Calimero Network, provided insights for the future of data privacy and ownership on the open web at the NearCON event. Fatic, with a background in infrastructure engineering, highlighted the challenges of existing services and introduced a transformative solution.

Calimero is a Web3 project that aims to provide enhanced trust, privacy, and an easy launch for building the new internet. It is a customizable sidechain built on top of the NEAR Protocol, offering a powerful new tool for building high-performance blockchain infrastructure. 

Calimero enables users to spin off their own private shards, which are small private blockchain networks that they own, providing privacy and scalability for businesses. Private shards can interact with each other over encrypted channels, and users can benefit from cross-shard transactions, which provide the ability to interact with third parties on the public chain or other permissioned enterprise shards. 

Data privacy issues

Fatic began the presentation by addressing the prevalent issues with data privacy in the current internet landscape. He explained the risks associated with centralized services and the increasing concerns about data breaches and leaks. 

This led him to urge the audience to reconsider the existing model of software as a service, pointing out its limitations and the diminishing value it provides to users.

The CEO stressed the need for a paradigm shift towards self-hosted solutions, and this is where Calimero Network comes into play. Fatic revealed Calimero’s distinctive approach to utilizing blockchain technology, specifically the NEAR blockchain, to provide a unified environment for running microservices and smart contracts.

Community Shard on Calimero

One of the key features highlighted by Fatic was the introduction of a Community Shard—a private shard operated by various entities within the NEAR ecosystem.

This Community Shard serves as a portal to the open internet, allowing users to explore new experiences without the need for extensive blockchain knowledge. 

To showcase the capabilities of Calimero Network, he presented a real-world application – a chat platform.

While acknowledging that it might not currently surpass existing platforms like Slack, he emphasized that it was designed to demonstrate the potential of building user-friendly, decentralized applications on the open web.

The CEO also revealed the importance of returning to open protocols, drawing parallels with the early days of the Internet when standardized protocols like IRC facilitated open communication.

Fatic envisioned a future where open web standards would define how diverse applications could interact, fostering interoperability, reusability, and integration.

More open Web system

He informed the audience of Calimero Network’s commitment to open-source principles. He spoke of the push for open web standards and expressed the company’s dedication to transparency.

The business model revolves around a developer console, providing tools for development, hosting, and enterprise solutions.

In a glimpse into the future, Fatic shared ongoing technical advancements, including improvements in zero-knowledge proofs, encrypted state, and plans for a peer-to-peer boss runtime. He also announced integrations with various wallets to enhance user experience.

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