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Hong Kong’s Quam Securities launches a virtual assets trading platform on Longbridge whale 



Longbridge Whale has unveiled two new products and services for brokerages at its event “Far Beyond” 2023. The products are a virtual asset trading solution and an AI investment knowledge service platform, PortAI.

Quam Securities, HashKey, and Longbridge Whale (Longbridge Technology) in tripartite cooperation built a virtual asset trading ecosystem, introducing new industry standards.

Following that, Longbridge Whale emerged as the first BSS Vendor to offer a virtual asset trading platform for securities companies. On the other hand, Quam Securities, a Hong Kong securities company launched virtual assets transactions. This marked the firm’s first Hong Kong securities company to launch virtual asset transactions in the Whale ecosystem.

Hashkey as well boosts the transaction matching on the Whale ecosystem. It is the first brokerage virtual asset transaction matching in the Whale ecosystem.

The Quam Securities virtual asset trading system is provided by Longbridge Whale. Further, the firm completed its first virtual asset transaction on HashKey. For virtual asset natives in Hong Kong, this is the first virtual asset trading solution available to brokerages.

Services provided by the Longbridge solution include market data, community information, trading, clearing, and settlement. These solutions are designed to meet customers’ needs in business development in the virtual asset market. 

There is an App and counter, which provide securities companies unrestricted trading, faster deposits, and withdrawals, real-time market support, information management, flexible switching between accounts, and fund transfers. 

Additionally, Brokerages can either add a virtual asset trading module or open an independent virtual asset trading platform.

The second new product released by Longbridge Whale PortAI is an AI that combines a language model and long-term business practices to provide securities firms with an “AI investment knowledge service platform.” This functions in the form of SaaS. Also, it is designed to help traditional securities firms with information and knowledge services.

In the long run, Longbridge Whale intends to collaborate with brokers in the “Fintech + AI” movement.

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