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2 years after founder’s exit, Bundle announces cessation

Two years after its founder, Yele Bademosi, stepped down to pursue other endeavors, Bundle has announced the closure of its operations.



In a major announcement today, Bundle, a prominent player in the financial market, revealed its decision to cease operations of its exchange services. This strategic move comes as Bundle’s shareholders have decided to restructure the business and shift their focus towards expanding the services of Cashlink as a payment platform.

Founded in 2019 by Yele Bademosi, Bundle has grown to become a large company operating across several countries without millions of users. According to Bundle, over the past years, it has achieved remarkable milestones, with Cashlink surpassing 3 million transactions and Bundle garnering an impressive 50,000 monthly active users, along with a monthly volume of $50 million. However, in light of the growing Web3 and blockchain community, Bundle recognizes the need to align with the evolving ecosystem’s requirements, and thus, prioritizes the development of payment solutions through Cashlink.

As Bundle bids farewell to its exchange services, it expresses gratitude to its loyal customers for being an integral part of their success story. The company extends a heartfelt thank you to all who have contributed to their achievements over the years, and also provided a way for users to withdraw their funds from the exchange as it draws the curtains over its operations.

Nigerian users are to: 

1. Withdraw all funds to a choice exchange.

2. For NGN, users can withdraw via Cashlink to their bank accounts.

3. They can also use P2P express to withdraw funds to your bank account.

4. For users with an account balance that’s less than $10, they can use this link to withdraw. Note: You cannot withdraw less than $10 from your Bundle account. 

5. For USDT value of $2 or less, users can transfer assets to another wallet using Solana (SOL) or Polygon (MATIC).

6. The last day for withdrawal for users with less than $10 is August 30, 2023. After this day, funds will be automatically converted to USDT.

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For Ghanaian users, these are the steps:

1. Withdraw funds from Bundle to any exchange.

2. Use Cashlink to withdraw money directly to your account.

3. Convert GHS to USDT and transfer it to another wallet.

4. If you have less than $10, use the provided link to withdraw. Please note that withdrawals of less than $10 cannot be made from a Bundle account.

5. Convert to USDT by August 30, 2023, or funds will be automatically converted.

For Kenyan and other francophone users, please do the following:

1. Withdraw all funds from Bundle to any exchange.

2. Convert KES or XAF to USDT and withdraw it through the blockchain or transfer it to another wallet.

3. Users with less than $10 in their account should use this link to withdraw. Please note that the minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

4. Convert to USDT by August 30, 2023, or funds will be automatically converted.

Consequent upon this development, starting from today, users will no longer be able to sign up on Bundle, deposit assets into their Bundle wallet, swap assets in your Bundle wallet (except USDT), and withdraw with Cashlink if you do not have NGN or fiat on Bundle.

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