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China Southern Fund seeks approval for Bitcoin ETF launch in Hong Kong



China Southern Fund has reportedly applied to introduce a spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) through Hong Kong’s financial markets. 

This comes amidst cautious sentiments prevailing in the Mainland regarding cryptocurrency investment, while Hong Kong stands out for a more open approach to digital assets. 

Additionally, this will give Chinese entities seeking exposure to the growing Bitcoin market the advantage and opportunity to join other global counterparts.

China Southern Fund refers to a financial entity known as China Southern Asset Management Co., Ltd. 

This company specializes in asset management services, offering a range of investment capabilities such as domestic equity investment, multi-asset investment, fixed-income investment, and overseas insights. 

China Southern Asset Management has established an active equity research system that covers macro strategy, asset allocation, industry chain analysis, and single stock research. 

It plays a significant role in the financial sector, offering expertise in investment management and financial planning to individuals, institutions, and organizations seeking to grow and manage their assets effectively.

The decision by China Southern Fund to pursue the launch of a Bitcoin ETF in Hong Kong reveals the growing interest and demand for digital assets in the region.

It aligns with global trends as more institutional players recognize the value proposition of cryptocurrencies as part of a diversified investment portfolio. 

Such institutions include Deutsche Bank, which offers digital asset custody and tokenization services to institutional clients through an agreement with Swiss crypto firm Taurus; Swan in partnership with BitGo; BlackRock; Fidelity; and MicroStrategy.

Others are Tesla, which holds 11,500 BTC as of March 2024; Square; Grayscale Bitcoin Trust; ProShares; and Fidelity Investments.

If approved, the Bitcoin ETF would provide local investors with a regulated and accessible avenue to invest in Bitcoin, leveraging the legal framework established in Hong Kong.

Apart from China Southern Fund, Harvest Fund Management, a major asset management company in China, also applied for a spot Bitcoin ETF with the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong in February 2024.

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