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Moonbirds selected to partner with Spotify for a token-gated feature



Moonbirds, an NFT firm, has been selected to partner with Spotify to bring token-enabled features to their platform. The leading music platform is launching an exclusive pilot and enabling users to access certain utilities using digital tokens. 


Users can already access the Moonbirds playlist “Sounds of a Digital Renaissance,” by connecting their wallets. However, access is available for Moonbirds holders in the US, UK, DE, AU, & AZ with Android devices.

Spotify in Q1 announced bringing an NFT-gated music playlist into its platform. The Digital tokens utility integration with Moonbirds will be available to Android users on the Spotify Premium plan.

Moonbirds believes that the playlist curated by the Twitter user @dannylee and @TheSongBirbs will have a creative impact fueling the minds of their community as well as artists. The playlist will include multi-genre hits from artists such as Tame Impala and Diplo, Moonbirds stated.

The partnership is a handshake between web3 and web2 bringing more utilities into the web3 space and revolutionizing web2.

Moonbirds is the firm behind PROOvF and is thriving to expand its ecosystem. The firm in April stretched into the metaverse via a partnership with Mona, to create Monaverse. This partnership was disclosed in Consensus 2023.

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