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Linea launches Testnet for crypto users



Linea has called out developers and other crypto users to try out its Testnet. Linea said that the period of the Testnet challenge will last for weeks as the activities carried out by users will aid the engineering team in validating and hardening the testnet.

Linea is a Consensys zkEVM-powered zkRollup designed to grow the Ethereum network. Previously known as ConsenSys zkEVM, Linea was developed to enable the creation of highly scalable and low gas fee dapps by developers. It uses zero-knowledge (zk) proofs with EVM equivalency to provide scalability and adaptability to programmers without any need for prior knowledge of zk technology.

Speaking about the testnet challenges and opportunities to use the Linea blockchain, the company said that users will learn about Linea, participate in the projects built by other teams, and earn points towards commemorative NFTs.

Nine weeks of testing on Linea

Linea added that in the course of the nine-week program, the team will release weekly challenges in partnership with the Galxe. There will also be a weekly change of challenges that is focused on “on-chain activities and others that incorporate quizzes, polls, and other off-chain activities for users to learn about Linea”. Linea noted that there will also be a rest week for users to allow the Linea team to receive feedback from all activities carried out in the ecosystem.

Linea will maintain a leaderboard for testers to track their contributions and compete for NFTs at the end of the Voyage. Top participants will be eligible to mint one of four unique NFTs signifying their finishing in a specific tier on the global leaderboard. 

Linea said that there will also be an open-edition NFT mintable that all participants, no matter their final score, can mint if the Linea testnet crosses 30 million total transactions before the Voyage ends.

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