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How MicroStrategy’s Sats rewards spark employee motivation 



The use of the Lightning Network to bring scalability to the Bitcoin network is an aspect of Web3 that is being explored by the industry today. MicroStrategy is one of the foremost organizations developing and deploying solutions in this direction.

Cezary Raczko, Executive Vice President, Engineering at MicroStrategy, explained to the audience at the Bitcoin and Lightning for Corporation event organized by MicroStrategy how the company has been using Sats and the Lightning Network to improve the lives of its customers as well as employees.

Rewarding employees and Lightning integration with Zoom

The VP said that the Microstrategy Lightning rewards were set up by the company to compensate employees with Sats for attending meetings and for attending these meetings on time. “We set it up using MicroStrategy Lightning rewards so that if you join the meeting early or within the first 60 seconds of the meeting’s scheduled start time, you will get Sats.”

He noted that since it added the Sats reward system, more of its employees have shown up for meetings on time than ever, and this includes “third-year employees” who don’t want to miss out on the rewards. 

Cezary said that the meeting rewards were done through a MicroStrategy Lightning integration with Zoom, the video conferencing tool. Therefore, as meetings and conferences are scheduled, such as the company day, employees who attend and stay for the entire duration of the webinar get SATs.

Reward sharing knowledge with Salesforce integration 

He further explained that employees are also rewarded for providing useful knowledge in the form of articles that customers can read to answer the questions they have about the products of MicroStrategy. Employees are also paid for answering questions in real time with Sats.

“It’s where our customers come to find answers, ask their questions, and log new ideas for product enhancements, and we have dedicated teams to moderate and engage with the community.”

He noted that these take place in the MicroStrategy community, which is a hub, integrated with the Salesforce platform, and connects customers with the company. “We built our community integration with Lightning rewards using our out-of-the-box connector to Salesforce.”

The reward for consuming content with Wistia integration

Another reward system mentioned by Cezary is for consuming video content hosted by MicroStrategy on the Wistia platform. Wistia is a video hosting platform where marketers and organizations can create and manage videos, host webinars, generate leads, and measure video performance in a single place.

He explained that the video contents created by the marketing team, which explain the vision and mission of MicroStrategy, as well as the feedback of customers on how the company’s products are useful, are hosted on Wistia while employees are paid to consume these contents. 

He revealed that the aim is to help its employees “understand its vision, understand the new capabilities of the product, and understand our customers’ use cases” while they are rewarded with Sats.

The reward for learning with Adobe LMS integration

The next reward system mentioned during the presentation is for learning. The Microstrategy staff said that due to the importance of the personal development of its staff to the company, a learning system was created and integrated with the Adobe Learning Management System, which also works with the Lightning reward. 

“In addition to ensuring that they complete their mandatory certifications on time, we encourage them to take on additional certifications that will help them grow in their jobs,” he said. As the employees take and complete courses, they are rewarded with Sats too.

Adobe Learning Management System is a cloud-based learning platform to train employees, customers, and partners of a company. It enhances personalized learning for its users and is owned by Adobe under the Adobe Cloud Suite.

Demo for organizations

At the end of the presentation, the speaker noted that other organizations will be granted access to these capabilities that reward their customers and employees with Sats via the MicroStrategy platform

This will help companies innovate and “differentiate from their competitors by incentivizing their customers and their employees with Satoshi Rewards.”

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