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How Microstrategy plans to transform advertising with Bitcoin 



MicroStrategy especially through its chairman, Michael Saylor has consistently led the way in promoting Bitcoin adoption, and has always shown this by his company’s acquisition and holding of Bitcoin has significantly bolstered its financial position. During the Bitcoin 2023 event, the CEO revealed that MicroStrategy has created Bitcoin-related products to expand its services for clients. One notable product is MicroStrategy Lightning, which allows major brands to connect with customers via microtransactions on the Lightning Network.

The MicroStrategy Lightning approach suggests a shift in marketing strategy for large companies. Instead of spending millions on traditional advertising, they could invest the same amount in Bitcoin and distribute it to their customers using microtransactions through the Lightning Network, as Saylor analyzed.

This approach opens up possibilities for direct marketing, incentivizing customers, and improving customer engagement. For instance, customers could be offered Bitcoin rewards for making purchases, leaving reviews, referring others, and even receiving a percentage of sales generated through their reviews. By adopting this strategy, companies such as Amazon, Coca-Cola, Nike, and McDonald’s could enhance their offerings, engage customers more effectively, and benefit from the advantages of Bitcoin technology.

By engaging with MicroStrategy, institutions obtain indirect exposure to Bitcoin. This has significantly increased MicroStrategy’s enterprise value.

Over the past year, the landscape of Bitcoin has undergone noteworthy transformations. Saylor emphasized the growing clarity surrounding Bitcoin, as regulators, legislators, media figures, and investors acknowledge its advantages. Bitcoin is a commodity – an ethical virtual asset without an issuer. He explained that “the reason why it is a commodity is that it is backed by digital power; therefore, the appreciation for Bitcoin’s energy use and computational power is increasing, while the confusion between Bitcoin and crypto is diminishing.”

According to him, capital is flowing from the crypto ecosystem into the Bitcoin network, fueling development efforts and innovation, especially in Lightning technology.

Bitcoin’s adherence to the rules of thermodynamics contributes to its robustness and inherent value. By comparing these principles to life itself, he emphasized the importance of curating one’s environment and conserving energy, which aligns with Bitcoin’s objective of preserving value.

“The emergence of Bitcoin applications on Layer-2 and Layer-3, such as the Lightning Network application, as well as cybersecurity applications, national security applications, and payment applications, are attracting a new class of technology,” Saylor said.

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