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a16z launches new Rust-based solution, Magi



The crypto venture capital fund, a16z has introduced its own layer 2 OP Stack solution, Magi. As its very first step into the Optimism Collective, the a16z latest solution is a roll-up client (consensus layer) written in Rust.

In the execution layer of Ethereum, Magi, acting as a consensus client, feeds new blocks to the execution client in order to advance the chain. According to a16z, “Magi performs the same core functionality as the reference implementation (op-node) and works alongside an execution node (such as op-geth) to sync to any OP Stack chain, including Optimism and Base.”

Magi was designed to be an independently developed, drop-in replacement for op-node and advancement to rollup’s client diversity. Moreover, the a16z team plans to add future improvements to Magi such as tracking the unsafe head (unconfirmed blocks), new sync mechanisms, alternative data availability layer support, and better frameworks.

Being optimistic, the a16z team believes Magi, even as a new solution, could in months of development become a feasible alternative to op-node. Op node is an implementation used for roller clients, it is maintained by Op Labs and written in Go.

Feedback, ideas, and contributions are all welcomed by the Magi and a16z team as the product is still in its very early stages.

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