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Optimism’s DEX Velodrome and its forked protocol Aerodrome compromised



Velodrome, the liquidity hub of Optimism, recently announced a compromise on its frontend. As a result, the exchange is advising users to refrain from interacting with Velodrome temporarily. They stated, “Our frontend is currently compromised. Please do not interact with Velodrome for the time being.”

However, the exchange assured users that they have initiated an investigation into the incident. Users are advised to remain vigilant for further updates regarding this event.

Around the same time, Aerodrome also alerted its users about a frontend compromise and urged them to avoid using the platform during this period. It’s worth noting that Aerodrome serves as an AMM and the central liquidity hub for Base, which is a fork of the Velodrome protocol.

“Our frontend is currently compromised. Please do not interact with Aerodrome for the time being. The team are investigating and will communicate more here when we have it.”

In response to the incident, ZachXBT, a pseudonymous on-chain detective renowned for analyzing suspicious transactions and conducting on-chain investigations, disclosed that the stolen funds have already been transferred to certain addresses. “”Looks like stolen funds are going to these two addresses,” he stated.

However, one user shared their experience of encountering a “weird” message while using Velodrome. They advised others to stay safe and mentioned receiving unusual transaction suggestions while connecting. The user had to switch to optimism and increase their unspecified allowance. Fortunately, they did not fall for it.

In response to the incident, the community is requesting a post-mortem to understand what happened and ensure the safety of assets. Both Velodrome and Aerodrome have mentioned that they will provide further updates as they become available.

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