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Optimism’s OP Labs launches OP Stack Fault Proof System



OP Labs, a contributor on the Optimism ecosystem has announced the launch of its first OP Stack Fault Proof System on OP Goerli. The newly launched system is designed to allow contributors to participate in the stack and build fault proof solutions. The design includes a multi-proof future, including ZK proofs.

The Fault Proof System is in three main merged components to tackle “malicious or faulty activity on the network” OP Labs has said. Also, it serves to enhance trust and consistency in the OP ecosystem.

The three components include, Fault Proof Program (FPP), a Fault Proof Virtual Machine (FPVM), and a dispute game protocol.

OP Labs explained the technicalities that surround building with and emphasized that with the OP Stack, developers can build a customized fault proof system with multiple security mechanisms. They can also build to sustain the OP Mainnet and the Superchain.

This new launch on OP Goerli Testnet benefits all OP Chains and OP Stack chains offering advanced security through a robust fault proof system, OP Labs mentioned. Other packs to this to is a better bridging with minimized central fallback and can be implemented by several protocols. 

For OP Labs, this new launch is a step towards its stage 2 technical decentralization, and a foundation for strong social decentralization.

OP Labs highlighted that community participation is important to building a broad fault proof mechanism, and will be much needed in testing the system as it prepares to launch fault proofs in production.

As the OP Stack Fault Proof System goes live, Optimism announced a bug bounty program alongside. Users are to report any  bugs found through the Optimism Immunefi bug bounty program.

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