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Top 5 Blockchain AI projects you need to know



You must have repeatedly heard about AI lately, almost as a cliche. Conversations around AI have long been, however, it is one of the technological areas garnering interest due to its application in a diverse range of everyday activities.

With its variety of applications, it is no surprise that some blockchain-based products are now leveraging the technology. This article shall take a dive into the top five blockchain—AI projects that you should know about. These blockchain-AI projects aim to synergize the features of blockchain and AI.

In no particular order, the following are the top five blockchain AI projects you should be aware of:

  1. Thought AI
  2. DeepBrain Chain
  3. SingularityNET
  4. Matrix AI
  5. Peculium

Thought AI

The Thought AI project has a ‘unique’ solution using blockchain and AI technology to create an analytical approach to encrypted or embedded data. The data is then combined with logic, to obtain an AI solution. This solution will help businesses process vital data quicker and will make them scale up to their competitors as the solution will be responsive (able to be interacted with), providing protected data, unified data, earnings generation, and near-zero management.

THT, the native coin of Thought AI, has a maximum supply of about 1.6 billion and a circulating supply of over 350 million. Also, it has a market capitalization of $2.702 million and a total capitalization of $9.008 million.

DeepBrain Chain

The purpose of the DeepBrain project is to build a decentralized marketplace for artificial intelligence (AI) methods and data. DBC Coin is used to facilitate transactions on the platform. Established in July 2017, the DeepBrain Chain project aims to establish a more productive and cost-effective AI ecosystem. This ecosystem also aims to enable anyone to improve the quality of their products and services by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

DBC has a maximum supply of 10 billion and a circulating supply of over 3.2 billion. It has a market capitalization of more than $24.9 million


The SingularityNET gives developers the ability to monetize artificial intelligence services on a decentralized network by utilizing the Ethereum blockchain and tokenized incentives to coordinate the various parties involved. It also allows developers to develop artificial intelligence services, such as machine learning algorithms, data sets, and AI models, then share them with others and monetize them. 

SingularityNET first issued 1 billion of the original AGI tokens on Ethereum. However, in late May 2021, it was replaced with the AGIX token. At that time, it migrated during its hard fork to Cardano blockchain while simultaneously airdropping the newly created AGIX token to all holders of AGI tokens at a rate of 1:1. In addition, the hard fork led to an additional one billion AGIX being made available on the Cardano chain, bringing  its total supply to 2 billion, with over 1.1 billion in circulation already.

Matrix AI

Matrix AI uses AI-based technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide the basic functions of a blockchain. NLP, makes it possible for computers to understand a language as humans do by combining models of human language statistics and machine learning. Matrix AI is different from other similar technologies by a number of differences like; dynamic delegation networks, auto-coding smart contracts, adaptive blockchain parameters (that is proffering blockchain solutions that are responsive to different blockchain criteria), and AI-based blockchain security. 

The use of the virtual machine helps to meet the standards for stability while simultaneously assisting in the detection of potential defects and destructive intentions. Simply put, Matrix AI goal is to delivers full-stack software solutions 

Its network is tokened with a maximum supply of 1 billion with over 700 million in circulation while having a market capitalization of over $13 million


The Peculium project is a decentralized savings platform that also uses machine learning technology. The primary objective of the platform is to maximize both earnings and savings. They boast to provide access to investment opportunities that have previously only been available to the top one percent of the population. They have also developed a wide variety of investing techniques, all of which are sustainable during choppy market cycles. 

It utilizes sophisticated algorithms for risk management. Users are able to significantly reduce their exposure to risk while concurrently constructing their investment portfolios. Peculium’s trade is not yet tracked by major crypto analytics platforms, but its metrics can be checked here

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