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AI, blockchain, and gaming: experts discuss the future



At a panelist session that had the presence of an AI machine speak for itself at the Istanbul Blockchain Week 2023, the discussion was centered on how gaming, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) will thrive.

Loic Claveau, CMO of SingularityNET, highlighted the intriguing fusion of blockchain and AI, emphasizing how this convergence is paving the way for a future of enhanced ethics, decentralization, and growth. 

Claveau mentioned that blockchain’s decentralized nature can instill a new level of ethical considerations while allowing for a fair distribution of benefits, referred to as AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).

Ben Ditto, a digital creator at Yaya Labs, said that blockchain technology will help to revolutionize in-game assets like skins and enable more direct communication with players through MPC (Multi-Party Computation). 

He added that the emergence of AI-generated games further amplifies the potential for immersive gaming experiences.

AI-empowering crypto services

Mariana Gospodinova, Executive Vice President Of Operations at, shared insights into the utilization of AI to enhance customer service and overall development within the cryptocurrency domain.

She acknowledged the complexity posed by AI adoption due to factors such as different language models and computational demands. 

An AI Robot at the event added to the discussion by saying that blockchain could facilitate connections between it and other robots. 

Regarding AI, It affirmed that collaboration between AI and humans is essential as AI’s accuracy is not yet sufficient to fully replace human capabilities.

AI marketplace for creators

On the empowerment of creators, Loic Claveau said that his company is building an AI marketplace designed to empower individuals by monetizing their AI development skills. 

This marketplace aims to democratize AI and distribute its benefits more widely, echoing the transformative impact that the internet had on creating new job opportunities.

Collaboration, trust and accountability

Also, the panelists stressed the importance of collaboration between AI and humans. They expressed that AI is not yet advanced enough to completely replace human involvement and expertise. 

The examples of nursing and complex driving tasks highlighted the need for human intervention in intricate scenarios.

The discussion delved into the role of blockchain in ensuring trust and transparency, particularly in countering issues like deep fakes. Panelists acknowledged that blockchain adoption is crucial to realizing its benefits. 

Ben cautioned against solely relying on blockchain for trust-building, emphasizing the significance of creating user-friendly and trustworthy solutions.

Managing decentralization

Ben also noted that while decentralization is important, history has shown that although humans start with the concept of decentralization, societal processes tend to evolve toward centralization over time.

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