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Syky raises series A funding to bridge luxury fashion with the blockchain.



Syky, a platform that bridges luxury fashion with blockchain technology has raised $9 million in seed funding. The platform is provided for designers, collectors, and those who love fashion. It recently launched its NFT community-based project titled Keystone, which also serves as a membership pass into the platform’s community program. The program is aimed at collaboration and networking with other creators, as well as attendance for online and physical events.

Alice Delahunt, the platform’s founder believes web3 is the future of fashion and this was why she created Syky (pronounced “psy-key”) to put the wheels in motion. Delahunt launched the platform in November 2022,  after a career in marketing for several luxury fashion brands.

According to reports, Delahunt first encountered the blockchain in 2017 but was fully introduced in the technology while working on some digital wardrobe projects for brands like Snap, Bitmoji, and Roblox, with that, she had an opportunity to see that web3 was going to be “more than a niche community” for luxury fashion.

Delahunt, when interviewed, said she saw in web3, an opportunity for virtual and digital fashion to “really take off”. She believes, “…..the luxury fashion houses of tomorrow are being built today.” Delahunt describes Syky as “… an incubator, marketplace and social community for the next generation of fashion designers and consumers.”

According to Delahunt, the name syky was inspired by Greek Mythology, specifically, the goddess Psyche, who she said personified “how designers use fashion to express the intangible parts of ourselves and others.” “Designers inspire us to dream through fashion,” Delahunt added. “And those dreams come from the innermost parts of our psyche, so it was important for me for the name to reflect that.”

To kick off its community program, the platform’s community-based NFT would be launched on January 20th, 2023, titled “the keystone”. The launch will see the release of 987 pieces, while fifty pieces will be reserved for and granted to aspiring designers. Keystone holders will also be the first to hear about designer collection drops, company alpha, and beta feature releases, and partner projects. In addition, they will receive periodic insights and reports on fashion and technology.

The series A investment was led by seven seven six and included Brevan Howard Digital, Leadout Capital, First Light Capital Group, and Polygon Ventures. The funding signals seven seven six’ entry into the web3 space. Alexis Ohanian, CEO at seven seven six said in an interview, that the attraction to Syky came from his obsession with the intersection of technology and culture.


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