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Sui Foundation awards 12 teams $400k+ 



The Sui network, an open-source blockchain announced the completion of the first round of Sui Foundation Developers Grant Program, awarding 12 teams with grants worth over $400,000 in its pilot grant program. The grant entries were opened to developers building projects, including games and financial apps, leveraging features of the Sui network and to drive its adoption. 

Sui Foundation exists as part of the Sui network ecosystem, enhancing community building and community education. In a blog post, Sui network said the grant is aimed at funding innovative, open-source projects built to benefit the Sui ecosystem.

The first round of the program, being the inaugural and pilot of the Sui Foundation Developer Grants Program, picked 12 projects. The projects were awarded grants between $20,000 to $75,000, totaling $415,000. 

Categories for the projects were summed to include Developer Tools, Commerce, Finance, and Tokenization. Developer tools projects are 8, and commerce, tokenization, and finance are 1 each. Then, one project was classified under productivity. 

The 12 projects awarded Sui Developers Grant

  • Developer Tools

Dapp Low Code Dev Platform: This is a low-code development platform that functions like a traditional application development environment, easing the building of web3 products. 

Dappium: Dappium is an automated smart contract creation and deployment platform with an API and web2 SDK to handle web3 complexities. 

Go Sui SDK: This is a package for ComingChat, a web3 portal, for building new apps in a full-featured ecosystem.   

Movey: Movey enables developers (Move developers) using the platform to collaborate on the development of Move packages.

Remix IDE Plugin: This is a plugin that allows developers to write Sui smart contracts using the Remix IDE. Remix was originally developed for Ethereum and EVM-compatible smart contracts, 

Sui Move Analyzer: This is a Visual Studio Code IDE plugin that provides language support for the Sui Move programming language and Move specification language.

All.Art: an open-source Unity-Sui wallet implementation for trading NFTs.

Mamoru: Toshi’s Mamoru platform offers automated smart contract operations for Sui blockchain applications, ensuring their security as well.

  • Commerce

Keepsake: a future-proof NFT marketplace ecosystem built for game developers and creators, and game consumers. 

  • Productivity

AirPay by Hypermatter Labs: The AirPay service allows Sui holders to make purchases using debit cards.

  • Tokenization

Suia: a proof-of-attendance application that lets organizers (Sui) verify participation for Sui-based events. 

  • Finance

Scallop: Scallop, an interest rate machine offering high interest lending and low fee borrowing, premium bonds, and composable tokens for Sui network. 

Furthermore, the Sui network has opened entries for future rounds of the Developers Grant Program. Applications are now being accepted for developers building on the Sui Network

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