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Zklogin goes live on the Sui, implications for devs



 Following the announcement of the proposed launch of zklogin on the Sui network, the Web3 firm has notified users that the zklogin is now live on its mainnet. 

Sui said that this is an important milestone for developers as it opens doors to a new era of frictionless account creation for applications. 

It is a decentralized Layer 1 blockchain that redefines asset ownership. It is a unique blockchain that uses the Move language and parallel transaction execution, which allows it to process transactions much faster than its competitors.

Sui uses a specific type of proof-of-stake consensus named delegated proof-of-stake. The blockchain is designed to strike a balance between being reasonably decentralized and offering a scalable and secure infrastructure.

Optimal integration of zklogin for Seamless User Experienced 

Describing how the new service will operate, Sui said that zkLogin offers a self-custody solution, reducing regulatory burdens and time-to-market for simple sign-on. 

This is different from the usual custodial approach most users prefer that is provided by enterprises. It however warned that builders must gauge user comfort with self-custody which may lead to adding other account creation and key management systems to it.

Sui added that zkLogin prioritizes user privacy by employing advanced cryptographic techniques that ensure on-chain addresses cannot be linked to web credentials, even by credential providers.

In terms of privacy-sensitive prover and salt management, Sui said that builders can either handle it themselves or use third-party solutions. However, this decision comes with privacy implications, as third parties could potentially link web credentials to Sui addresses.

Choosing a salt management scheme is a critical decision for zkLogin builders, with options offering varying levels of convenience, security, and recoverability. Striking a balance between user convenience and asset security is essential, with clear user disclosures being paramount.

Sui believes that the careful implementation of this feature will guarantee the delivery of exceptional experiences for the next billion users.

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