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Meta to explore a comedy club metaverse



Meta has been striding in the race for metaverse adoption via rolling out use cases and applications like Horizon Workroom, a virtual working platform. Aside from acquiring the virtual headset, Oculus,  in 2014, Meta integrated NFT into its subsidiaries, Facebook and Instagram. Speaking at the World Economic Forum 2023, the Meta platforms Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox, revealed that Meta is working on a comedy club metaverse. 

Chris Cox revealed in the conference during a metaverse panel that Meta is considering exploring comedy in the metaverse, according to him, “we’ve been trying to figure out if comedy can work”.

While it could be a worthwhile innovation, Chris admitted some limitations or challenges encountered in the process of piecing the innovation together. A notable problem Chris highlighted was audience size. The Meta comedy club in the building process is a comedy room of 18 people; lacking the murmur, chuckles, and audience hearing each other. Pointing out why audience size is important, Chris stated that “comedy club experiences are not just about watching the community, it’s about hearing the audience laugh.”

Resolving the audience size problem of the Meta comedy club metaverse, Chris mentioned it means some other needed features or functionality will be traded. For the audience size to be optimized high concurrency is needed and that could trade off other functionalities like high-resolution experiences and latency. “If you want that to walk you need high concurrency, and if you want a high resolution you need to trade off against high concurrency and if you want high concurrency you need to trade off against latency.” 

He further mentioned that the reason explains why the metaverse isn’t high resolution yet. 

The comedy club metaverse experience would be such that lots of different people whose avatars have been rendered and their headsets are sitting over their faces and their movement is communicated over the internet. However, none of them can be pre-rendered and all need to be accurate and timely, so if it shows you’re responding to a joke, it is being transferred in a handful of nanoseconds.  

Aside from the challenges encountered with rolling out a comedy club metaverse, Chris mentioned that a limitation of the metaverse not existing yet is “a hyperlink”. Hyperlink covers the model of travel from one sort of experience to another. Referencing Meta platforms products, he said, “one of the things Facebook and Instagram are doing is giving tools to creators, the creator tool we give them is what makes the experiences unique”.

Moreso, “the internet is a pretty good way to think about the metaverse because the internet and some parts of the internet are very coky with each other; are self-consistent and have a single designer, server and privacy, and identity model where you understand the system,” Chris said. These systems are interlinked where you can move from one space to another.  

Meta has also worked on VR/AR products including software like VR Headsets, Smart Displays, and AR glasses.

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