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How To Create and Sell Your NFTs on Instagram 



Meta has brought the NFT niche even closer to you. With its preparations to integrate NFT with its social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram), some projects like The Aku’s Dream Labs digital collectible have started using Instagram to trade their NFTs and even sold out in eleven seconds. Polygon’s cofounder Sandeep Nailwal confirmed this in his tweet. NFT artists like Micah Johnson, Dave Krugman, Isaac Wrights have launched NFTs through Instagram and over the past few months and have sold out each time.

The image-centric application launched a new feature called Digital Collectibles in one hundred countries, adding that Instagram and Facebook will not charge for displaying and sharing digital collectibles, and there will be no further costs for selling digital collectibles until at least 2024. However, “digital collectible purchases conducted within the Instagram app on Android and iOS are subject to applicable app store fees.” This feature allows users to connect to their digital wallets and display non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that they have produced or purchased. Users feed will feature a shimmering look to indicate the authenticity of linked NFTs, and they will be able to view them there.

Meta had earlier announced plans on one of its pages to roll out tools to help creators create their NFTs on blockchains like Polygon, Solana, and Ethereum, as well as support for wallets like Phantom and Trust Wallet. This will make it possible for creators to create content(images, videos and music alike) to market NFTs with links to such NFTs.

In a new development, Meta has also added the “Gift” feature to their platform. While fans are watching one of the creative’s reels, they can show appreciation to the creator. Therefore, for followers to show their support for their preferred content creators, they can buy Stars within Instagram and send them as presents on reels.

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Here is how you can trade your NFTs on Instagram:

How to Sell NFT on Instagram

  • Connect your wallet to Instagram

Through your Instagram page, you can connect your digital wallet by navigating to the settings bar and tapping on “Digital Collectibles”

  • Select the NFT

Next, tap on the “[+]” icon and select the “Digital Collectibles” option to begin the process. Select the NFT you want to sell

  • Detail your NFT

You may want to add a name and description for your NFT, as well as specify the quantity you wish to create.

  • Choose your royalties and sell

You then have to choose your resale commission and tap on “Sell”. After that, set your pricing and tap on ‘Done’.

How to buy NFT on Instagram

  • Connect your wallet to Instagram

Through your Instagram page, you can connect your digital wallet by navigating to the settings bar and tapping on “Digital Collectibles”.

  • Select NFT

To purchase the NFT you desire, select the icon labelled “Digital Collectible” from the menu, then tap on “Shop” underneath the NFT.

  • Pay for It

Finally, check the details of the payment, as well as the overall cost of the purchase and tap on “Pay Now” to purchase. 

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