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Createra partners a16z to raise $10 million for the development of 3D games



Funding in Web3 for 2023 is gaining more attention with the recent $10 million raised by Createra and a16z to develop a Gen-Z gaming metaverse. Createra is a web3 organization that specializes in helping creators to create, engage, and distribute value in 3D worlds.

According to the report, Createra as a gaming firm has seen a huge opportunity to engage with the newest generation that understands the importance of content creation and monetization than Gen Z. This has given the firm a grip on Gen Z’s as they have created a community with over 15 million young content creators.

Createra also added that the change in the gaming industry that has introduced a new value system with the use of Web3 tools, blockchain verify ownership, and asset monetization presents an opportunity for a new set of users who are crypto natives. 

These users are creators as well as those who consume the contents created and using a distributed ledger system provides value for everyone.

Createra is easy to use

Speaking about the Createra platform, Connie Chan, General Partner at A16z explained that the cloud based web engine of Createra has created an easy-to-implement system for game developers while infusing Web3 features into it.

Createra noted that for users of its platform, all assets built on the land of the virtual game are tradable including avatars, games, and APIs.

The collaborativeness of the game makes it possible for multiple creators to build togetherness for fun as Rion, a 15-year-old team leader from Japan said, “Createra’s map editor is like a game version of Google Docs! Everyone creates simultaneously, and the experience is more fun and efficient!”

Createra wants to push the envelope on gaming in the Web3 space by connecting Web2 with Web3 “while embracing young builders with passions for the metaverse and redistributing the benefits of Web3”.

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