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CoreDAO mainnet is live; Huobi and OKX to list it; airdrop coming soon



CoreDAO has announced that its blockchain project, Core blockchain, is live on mainnet. Participants on the network can now engage with other users, become validators, and stake their assets on the Core blockchain.

CoreDAO is the organization behind the Core blockchain. Core blockchain is a unique Web3 project that aims to bring the Proof of Stake properties of Ethereum and the hash power of the Bitcoin blockchain together. It’s powered by the $CORE token, which has a total supply of 2.1 billion tokens.

According to the team, “the Core network aims to uphold the Bitcoin network by acting like a second BTC block reward”.  In essence, after the Bitcoin block reward “goes out” by 2140, Bitcoin miners will be rewarded via the Core network.

Huobi, OKX and MEXC

In addition to the launch of CoreDAO, the team has also announced that the $CORE token will be listed on a number of exchanges including Huobi, OKX, and MEXC. “As part of our collaboration, #Huobi supports the ethos of the CoreDAO community for the recent launch of its mainnet and tokens,” Huobi said.

According to MEXC, $CORE/USDT will be listed on its platform “as a spot trading pair in the Assessment Zone once the deposits meet the minimum liquidity requirements”. While OKX explained that Core deposit will open on January 17 and spot trading will resume “once the $CORE deposit meets the liquidity requirements”.

Core airdrop coming soon

In line with the roadmap of CoreDAO, the first airdrop for the $CORE token will be announced soon. CoreDAO explained that the team will execute the upcoming airdrop with the same precision as the mainnet’s launch, in partnership with the Satoshi App.

Further breakdown of the plan shows that 25% of the proposed airdrop tokens expected in about 60 days time, will be made available to the public while 75% will be shared monthly over two years.

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