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Polygon Backs Aera’s Treasury Optimisation Vault Launch



Aera, blockchain’s first autonomous treasury management protocol, has announced the launch of its treasury optimizing vaults for DAOs, which is powered by and exclusive to the Polygon Network. 

Speaking on the Launch and their backing from Polygon, Shaan Varia, Head of Product at ​​Gauntlet, creator of Aera, said Polygon was the ideal choice because of their “scalability, security, and sustainability benefits” as she expressed her belief that Aera’s product, services, and offerings to DAOs would “transform capital efficiency.”



Aera aims to solve the problem of capital efficiency in DAOs and decentralized markets, especially when it comes to managing DAO treasures. Aera, by providing an autonomous treasury management protocol, offers DAOs the opportunity to delegate the responsibility for treasury management optimization to a decentralized network of decentralized participants who are incentivized to achieve DAO goals. 

To access these services, DAOs can begin by depositing digital assets and token reserves in Aera’s non-custodial, individual vaults. “Vault Guardians”  would offer suggestions on the best parameters for allocating these funds in the vaults while staking their own capital and putting it at risk in case their proposed strategy underperforms.

“Arbitrageurs”  are responsible for trading with the funds in the vaults for getting the vault funds to their target allocations. By this method, DAOs will be able to incentivize managers of their assets to optimize their token reserves better. 

Many of the biggest names in the DAO space exist on Ethereum, including Uniswap, BitDAO, ENS, and Gnosis according to data from DeepDAO are managing treasuries of over $ 1 billion 

The launch is expected to see a large chunk of DAO assets, which are currently valued at over $10.8 billion, and are native to other chains, move over to Polygon.


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