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Polygon and Axelar Partner to Support Supernets Interoperability




Leading Ethereum Hard Fork Polygon has announced a partnership with Axelar network, a secure communication layer that connects Web3 networks and Ecosystems. The partnership aims to enhance secure cross-chain communications and interoperability between  Polygon Supernets.


Polygon supernets technology allows for the creation of application-specific, scalable, and customizable networks. 


According to the announcement, Axekar is one of the early adopters of the Polygon network and will allow dApps users to securely transfer assets from one chain to another and from Supernets to other connected chains with a simple click.


 Sergey Gorbunov, co-founder of Axelar. Has said concerning the partnership that it offers users the opportunity to freely move their assets and NFTs from one supernet chain to others. To him, this would finally open up the possibility of a wider cross-chain interoperable Web3 Ecosystem. He further stated that Polygon’ssupernets offered sustainable and speedy user experiences, with “significantly lower gas fees” compared to other existing L1s and L2s. 


Polygon supernets is a cross-chain connection and communication framework that aims to improve interoperability across chains in the Polygon network. The Framework is powered by Polygon Edge, a customizable blockchain stack that developers can use to build networks fit to specific needs. This can be done without compromising s3ecuirty and performance 


Axelar enables interconnectivity between supernets that allow developers to build dApps On Polygon Edge with access to liquidity across Web3. Polygon’s Partnership with Axel 

Seeks to position edge as an essential infrastructure for interoperability between EVM blockchains.


To ensure interoperability and a smooth onboarding experience, Axelar has provided the following features to aid developers.


  • Supernets would get native gas tokens quickly and hassle-free, as easy as a click from their respective wallets on Ethereum or Polygon.
  • Axelar’s SDK will allow for generating one-time addresses by dApps, 
  • It will offer accessible liquidity pathways between supernets
  • Supernets can integrate with Axelar in a few days. Once integrated, dApps can easily communicate with connected chains via simple API requests.


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