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Kucoin Crypto World Cup: how to participate & win



The World Cup is not only one of the most important sporting events in the world, but it is also a significant source of money for FIFA and the host country. Fans are not excluded as it presents opportunities to make money ranging from sports betting to selling merchandise. 

FIFA makes money by selling television, marketing, and licensing rights, as well as money from ticket and merchandise sales. QATAR World Cup 2022 is another opportunity for football supporters to earn money.

Earning money during the World Cup won’t be a bad idea. That is why Kucoin, one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges, has decided to spice things up by introducing a cool and easy way to earn.

What is Kucoin Crypto World Cup?

It is a prediction tournament to celebrate the 2022 FIFA World Cup. A $30,000 grand prize and exclusive Neymar collectibles are included in the World Cup Winner Predictions competition. The Tournament is on up till the end of the World Cup event.

Rules of the tournament

  1. Group stage points and elimination stage points cannot be added together.
  2. Cards gained during group play may be used during elimination play.
  3. Group stage winners must have picked 12 or more outcomes correctly.
  4. Elimination round winners must have produced ten or more predictions.
  5. Cheating is not permitted, including the use of duplicate accounts or fictitious identities. After verification, incentives won’t be given out. If you attempt to obtain incentives through unethical means, we reserve the right to revoke your qualification.

How to participate?

You’ll have to first download the Kucoin wallet and update the app to the latest version. Players will receive 40 points for free when they log in to the game for the first time.

There will be 1-4 games played every day of the World Cup. Participants can predict the result before the game starts. Each prediction must have a minimum commitment of 10 points and a maximum bet of 100 points.

 Participants can predict the result of each match before it starts. If your prediction is wrong, all points will be lost,if prediction is correct, participants will be able to share in the prize pool with other winning users in accordance with the proportion of your bets. On the second day following the conclusion of each match, the results and any modifications to the points will be made public.

The three ways to earn from Kucoin World Cup are;

  1. Prediction: You earn predictions points for every correct prediction (Prediction points)
  2. Inviting friends: Once your friends enter the event page using your invitation code and place their first prediction, your invitation will be deemed successful. You and the invited friend will score 20 points once the invitation is accepted. There is no restriction on how many friends you can invite.
  3. Participate in Group Stage Predictions: Users who participate in group stage predictions will have the chance to earn boosters for the elimination stage.

Perks attached to participating

  1. After 48 matches /first group stage of the competition, the top 500 participants will split a $10,000 prize pool according to their point standing.
  2. The top 200 players will divide a $20,000 prize fund according to their points after the last 16 matches. Each winner will be qualified to receive a complimentary KuCoin Wallet World Cup commemorative NFT. A special piece of Team Brazil merchandise will also be given to the first place winner.
  3. Users are ranked based on their overall point total. Every day, the leaderboard is updated. Users will be ranked according to the time they first submit their prediction when they all have the same number of points. 

Note: Points won from each correct prediction will automatically add up during the tournament. Within 10 business days after the event, prizes will be immediately air-dropped into the KuCoin Wallet addresses of winners.

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