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Binance Football Fever: how to participate & win



It’s yet another season of the World Cup. A season to win. A season of football, excitement, fun, games, and unity. The FIFA World Cup, commonly known as the World Cup, is an international association football competition between national teams from the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

Since the first tournament in 1930, the World Cup has been taking place every four years, except for 1942 and 1946, when it was not held due to World War II. France is the current champion, having won their second title at the last world cup event in Russia in 2018.

The 2022 World Cup is here and happening. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar kicked off on Sunday, November 20, 2022, at the Al Bayt Stadium. The final will take place a week before Christmas, on Sunday, December 18, 2022, at Doha’s Lusail Stadium

World cup It is commonly recognized as the world’s largest sporting event. Millions of people from all over the world are anticipated to tune in to watch the World Cup.

One thing is certain: with so many people and so much attention, the World Cup will rock the financial world. So much money is at stake. The world cup will benefit nations, associations, corporations.

The Big Question, What about the Fans?

Yes, what about the football fans? What is going to happen to them when it comes to making money?

Well, it’s simple, as corporations, governments and associations are going to be benefiting from the World Cup, so are the fans too who are going to be making money (Online & Offline).

When it comes to making money, QATAR 2022 will undoubtedly help increase the country’s economy by selling various items/merchandise. On the other side, it would enable football fans to earn money online through games and predictions.

Binance Football Fever is an example of an online platform that provides football enthusiasts with the opportunity to win a large number of bitcoin awards. Football fans can win and earn as many awards as they like on this platform.


Binance Football Fever 

Binance football fever (BFF) is an entertaining competition for football enthusiasts to win prizes during the most awaited sporting event of the year (FIFA). It was introduced by Binance Fan Token.

Binance football fever is a medium to showcase sports skills and develop well-informed predictions about the course of football games. You will receive compensation in exchange for your participation. The features of BFF, which also represent the reward system, are; the Daily Challenges and the Leaderboard.  

By taking part in the Daily Challenges, you can receive daily rewards. You will be scored daily based on the points you earn and could split up to $1,000 worth of token awards. On the other hand, you will be ranked on the Leaderboard in addition to how well you perform on the Daily Challenges based on how well you perform overall during the campaign.

How to participate in Binance Football Fever 2022?

  1. Login into the Binance app/website. After launching your app, at the homepage, click on the “Football Fever” Icon.
  2. Claim your NFT passport. The NFT passport is accessible to only Binance registered and verified users. Users holding at least 1 Binance Fan Token can claim the NFT passport.


3. Participate in the daily challenge. Based on the results of your Daily Challenge predictions, you can share NFTs and token rewards each day during the tournament.

For every correct score prediction, you score 10 points and get Gold ‘Pride of Nations’ NFT as a reward.

For every correct prediction of the match winner, you score 5 points and get Silver ‘Pride of Nations’ NFT as a reward.

For no correct prediction, you get Bronze ‘Pride of Nations’ NFT as a reward.

However, you can increase your number of points in the Daily Challenges by inviting friends to join through your campaign referral link. Your referred user must be verified.

To Claim your daily rewards, go back to your Binance football fever homepage, go to “Challenge” and click “Claim” which includes a token Voucher and NFT.

Note: The Daily Rewards will be distributed the day after the match. During the campaign, the claimed NFTs were not tradeable.

How to claim Leaderboard Rewards? 

The Leaderboard results will be released the day following the World Cup finals (December 19, 2022). The top 200 users will each receive a limited-edition NFT as well as a special fan experience.

Note: Winners must claim their prizes by January 2, 2023.

Also, to claim NFT rewards, go to “Leaderboard” and click “Get Rewards.” Enter your information in the pop-up window and click “Submit” to claim your fan experience.






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