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Benefits of building mobile apps on Solana



Solana have gained good ground from the “web application” perspective. Most Solana web-based products have high performance, which is attributed to the integration of JavaScript into it, Steven Luscher, contributor to Saga Mobile explained at Breakpoint event by Solana. However, it was noted that Solana’s next phase of rapid growth would depend on mobile development.

Some of the reasons behind this is that the number of mobile devices used today is at an all-time high, and when compared with how PCs and desktops are used, the margin is wide, Steven added. Another reason is that the number of time users spend on mobile is more than that of PCs.

Steven further explained that while mobile development proves to be the future for the growth of the Solana ecosystem, the Solana team created the mobile stack that developers can use to create mobile apps. This will make crypto products and services accessible to more users globally.

What devs should do?

According to Steven, developers who have created their applications to be web oriented and those with web design skills should do these to make it mobile friendly:

  • Build with a mobile screen in mind

He explained that since apps display differently on mobile, developers need to adjust their web apps so it can render on mobile screens. Making apps adjust based on this myriad of sizes will enhance usability.

  • Use the SMS (Solana Mobile Stack Adapter)

Steven shared that the Solana Mobile Stack can make this process of developing mobile responsive apps easier. He also said that developers should design “for touch” as mobile devices are more about finger placements and not like the mouse systems that most PCs come with.

The contributor to the development of the Saga Mobile by Solana also highlighted that devs should include mobile wallet adapters to their Solana apps. He praised projects like Magic Eden, Dual Finance, Tiexo, Solend, and Jungle DeFi that have upgraded with these new features on Solana.

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