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Adidas Launches Digital Wearables, “Virtual Gear”



Footwear giant Adidas has announced the launch of its first collection of NFT digital wearables. Dubbed “Virtual Gear”, the collection consists of a 16-piece limited edition wearables, which holders of BAYC NFTs and other partner collections will adorn their NFTs with. 

Announcing the launch via Twitter, Adidas described the new collection as “an eclectic mix of impossible silhouettes tying together past and future, virtual and physical, communities and creators, culture and identity.” According to Adidas, Virtual Gear represents its first NFT collection of digital wearables, a new and interoperable product category, as the firm reinforces its drive to strengthen Web3 and its “community-based, member-first, open metaverse pledge.”

Adidas had earlier released a teaser of the Virtual Gear collection on its Discord community. The wearables will be designed in 8 different shapes within 16 variations. However, some of them will possess rarities based on community input.

BAYC, MAYC PFP and Capsule NFT Holders Eligible for New Collection

Last year, the footwear brand partnered with web3 communities and influencers to release its first NFT collection “Into the Metaverse“. Partners include Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFTs, PunkComics and popular NFT collector gmoney. These Web3 communities will be eligible for the Virtual Gear collection. 

According to a Forbes report, Adidas will release a PFP dressing tool next week to enable eligible holders to adorn their PFP avatars. Interestingly, the dressing tool will also allow holders to regularly change their PFPs’ outfits interoperably.

VP of the Adidas /// studio (Three Stripes Studio’, Erika Wykes-Sneyd, explained what the brand is trying to do with the Virtual Gear collection. 

“We’re laying down a marker in this new age of originality – one that unquestionably serves the community, heroes the purveyors and collectors of emerging style and culture, benefits the value creators, and supports the diversity of expression and utility that blurring virtual worlds has allowed us all to explore.” 

With our community and creator ecosystem at the core, Adidas will explore every viable utility, platform, and experience within Web3 to unlock new possibilities for our wearables, with a focus on tangible value and immutable utility for our community members,” Wykes-Sneyd added.

Holders of the Adidas Originals: Capsule NFT collection will also be eligible for the new collection, Adidas revealed. The Capsule collection consists of 24,280 NFTs, and holders can burn their Capsule NFT to receive a free randomised piece from the Virtual Gear collection. However, NFT enthusiasts outside the eligible category can get the new collection on secondary markets like OpenSea. 


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