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How to overcome development challenges of the metaverse



Just as the smartphone caught the world by storm more than a decade ago, AR and VR will do the same soon, and Moralis is taking steps to develop tools like the Streams API that will create decentralized platforms like the metaverse a reality. These were the projections of Ivan Liljeqvist, founder and CEO of Moralis at SmartCon 2022. 

Ivan said that the metaverse would alter how we do everything from commerce to meetings and other forms of human interactions. Since we’ve done most of our activities on smartphones, the same activities will soon move into the metaverse.

The metaverse is like a platform that has tools related to VR and AR, and we’re in the pre-metaverse era, the Moralis CEO shared. Because “only Web3 can ensure digital ownership,” digital rights will blossom as the metaverse is developed on a decentralized architecture.

Challenges and layers of the development of the metaverse 

Despite the excitement around the development of the metaverse, three main stages of development must be overcome before we can achieve this dream, Ivan explained to the audience.

These three layers are:

  • On-chain logic
  • Off-chain logic 
  • UI/UX logic 

Ivan said that the first layer involves activities and buildings around smart contracts. He noted that a lot of work needs to be done by developers to create the contracts that will be needed to bring in more tools for the creation of parts of the metaverse.

The second layer is concerned with backend development that will enable cross-chain communication, interoperability, and data transfers, the Moralis boss said. And thanks to Chainlink for making data communication easier.

Frontend, the use of an unreal engine, unity, integrations into iOS and Android, and a good user experience are the components of the last layer, Ivan explained.

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1 Comment

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