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How blockchain will improve human connection



Humans are known for building connections between families and friends in business as well as in the professional world. My career in the field of law is connected to the reality that my dad couldn’t practice law in the US after we left Vietnam, Jimmy Nguyen, former President of BSV blockchain, explained. This drive motivated me to practise in the IP space, and after many years, I found the blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a tool that gives us the opportunity to connect with each other, to connect with data and truth, Jimmy said. Apart from the recent cryptocurrency explosion, the blockchain has enormous use cases.

During his presentation, Jimmy talked about a blockchain project he’s working with that allows freelance devs to get paid whenever others use their codes. Haste Arcade, a startup in the US that created the Instant Leaderboard Payment System where gamers can earn as they play games, is another project he mentioned.

I’ve also worked in Pakistan to help develop blockchain projects with real-life use cases, Jimmy explained. For example, Game Storm Studios, which has created thousands of games hosted in the Play Store, is bringing decentralized payment systems and NFTs to their ecosystem courtesy of the BSV blockchain.

Verifiability and traceability 

Another importance of the blockchain is in the verifiability and traceability of products, Jimmy shared. VX technologies is a company that has created services on this pillar with a focus on health, like tracking COVID vaccination and securing health data in places like Ghana and Lesotho.

The CEO of Blockchain For All added that blockchain could help secure the history of products in the supply chain sector. For example, security agencies use a blockchain-related product in Pakistan that keeps track of security munitions to improve transparency.

Blockchain is a necessary tool in the development of Internet or Things (IoT) and the metaverse, the former President of the BSV blockchain said. However, to make all of these and more possible, we need the cooperation of the government, industry players, and all stakeholders.

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