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Aptos to relaunch the Aptos Name Service 



Aptos has announced the relaunch of Aptos Name Service. This will be “the official name service of Aptos Labs,” the Tweet read.

The testnet was originally running in July 2022 but was deactivated for a relaunch. According to the team, the service will create “integrations and tooling” for all dApps that will be launched in the Aptos ecosystem. As of July 21, 2022, 42,000 names had been taken from the Aptos Name Service.

A blockchain DNS is a decentralized Domain Name Service that makes it possible for domain names to be registered, managed, and resolved on the blockchain. They are non-fungible, and can be used to receive cryptocurrency Instead of the long string of characters that are wallet addresses.

The Aptos Name Service (ANS) will be focused on the Aptos network. Other blockchain name services include Ethereum Name Service (ENS), Handshake, Nebulis Name Service, and Dot BIT.

More than $300 million raised by the Aptos team

Aptos is a layer one blockchain launched by former employees of Meta who worked on the failed stablecoin project, Diem. It uses the Move programming language, which Rust inspired. Aptos operates a “Proof of Stake, supported by a Byzantine Fault Tolerant mechanism”.

In July 2022, the team had raised a total of $350 million funds for the development of the project. Amongst the investors were Andreessen Horowitz, Multicoin Capital, Tiger Global, and Circle Ventures.

Liquidswap, a decentralized exchange; Blocto, a cross-platform smart contract wallet; Zaptos Finance, a non-custodial liquid staking platform; Topaz, an NFT marketplace; and Aptos Launcher, a launchpad are a few projects running on the Aptos blockchain.

Here’s a guide on how to use the Aptos Name Service.

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