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PUMA releases first-ever redeemable NFTs in the metaverse

In February 2022, Puma purchased the ENS, Puma.eth as a commitment to exploring blockchain technology and in mid-August, Puma announced the launch of its Discord server.



German-based sports brand, Puma has announced the release of its first NFTs that can be physically redeemed by holders. The project is being done under the Black Station metaverse website owned by Puma.

New York fashion starts September 9, 2022,  and Puma wants its community to have a unique experience in its planned FUTROGRADE show. According to the brand, the NFTs that will give access to redeemable sneakers are limited. 

Black Station is one of Puma’s products that has lasted for more than two decades. It was initiated to drive innovation for Puma.

However, it’s being rebranded as a virtual space with the integration of Unreal Engine 5 by FTR. It will give customers a new immersive Web3 experience with products designed by Puma.

Breakdown of Black Station experience 

To be part of the project, users will need to visit the website that has three portals, with the first two accessible from September 7, 2022. These two portals are exclusively designed sneakers linked to the Nitropass mint launched by Puma.

Holders of any Nitropass mint are allowed to get two NFTs. One will be tied to physical sneakers. The other grants access to a virtual experience connected to the sneakers. The chosen pair of sneakers is redeemable by burning the NFT of the shoe.

Then, the last portal of Black Station grants access to the digital NYFW metaverse fashion show. Users will experience the fashion show in the metaverse while interacting with several products of Puma.

Heiko Desens, Puma’s Global Creative Director and Head of Innovation praised the team for the innovation. He explained that the team ushered in a new and exciting product that is beyond the norm.

For David Stamatis, Executive Creative Director and Partner at FTR, the project with Puma is an opportunity. David noted that the event has created “a truly phygital experience” which will expand with time.

To be part of this, visit PUMA’s Black Station with and you can learn more from here.

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