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FIFA Launches FIFA+ Collect for Digital Collectibles 



The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has launched FIFA+ Collect, a digital collectibles platform. FIFA+ Collect will enable football lovers to collect collectible pieces featuring highlights of memorable football events such as goals scored during FIFA competitions.

According to its About page, “FIFA+ is the entertainment experience from FIFA that is made for the fans. Playing the greatest football documentaries and films, through to live games and highlights, FIFA+ is free and always premium.”

The FIFA+ collectibles capture spectacular moments in football’s history while allowing fans to own these moments. They can own as many collectibles as possible, even creating a personal collection. Apart from owning them, the collectibles are tradable on the FIFA+ Collect marketplace. Thus, fans can profit from them just like NFTs.

The FIFA+ Collect platform also allows collectors to participate in quests with their collectibles, after which they are rewarded with more collectibles, thereby expanding their collection. 

The first step to acquiring collectibles on the platform is creating an account. The collectibles have different rarities, which indicate how special they are. Rarities cut across common, rare, and epic.

FIFA kicked off the collection journey for fans with a genesis drop launched on September 22, 2022. The Genesis drop comes in a pack of 3 randomly selected after each purchase. Additionally, FIFA has partnered with Algorand, a carbon-neutral blockchain, to bring FIFA digital collectibles to fruition while committing to environmental goals. 


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