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Fashion: why we don’t need decentralized metaverse



If robots are already cutting, and sewing clothes, while AI is used to predict future fashion trends, what will be the use case of fashion in Web3?

Benjamin Eymere, the Chief Metaverse Officer of L’Officiel, shared at the Binance Blockchain Week that consumers in the fashion industry are turning to co-owners of brands. One tool that’s making this possible in Web3 is NFTs and other nonfungibles, Benjamin said.

Despite the innovations seen in Web3, Elise Yoshida, Digital Communication Director of Christian Louboutin, explained that Web3 has not offered much to fashionistas. While NFTs prove to be very innovative, Elise said that the majority of the NFTs issued by fashion brands don’t pay attention to users’ journeys. She added that most fashionistas are not techies and unwrapping an NFT takes time and energy for a newbie.

One of the potentials of blockchain technology in fashion, Benjamin shared, will be to help deliver the brand promise and build customer trust. He illustrated this by saying that a brand can share the journey of making its product by recording specific processes on the blockchain that customers can access. This information can include the source of raw materials. 

Fashion and the metaverse 

If metaverse will come into fashion, they don’t have to be decentralized, and so immersive, Elise said. Elise opined that using wallets and poor internet might be some challenges when integrating metaverse for users in the fashion world. 

She once again stressed that there is no need to do the same things we do in real life in the metaverse. If we need a metaverse experience, it should be different, unique, and more exciting to capture users’ attention, while giving them value.

Benjamin supported Elise’s view by sharing how his son advised him to add a Super Sonic design to shoes given to users for a metaverse project he was part of.

For brands going into Web3, the PR team should be educated on what Web3 is, Benjamin advised, making it possible for the value created to be linked with what customers want. Elise also emphasized that fashion brands should interact with Web3 tools based on what customers want.

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