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How to effectively Promote Your NFT Project



A lot of NFT collections are released weekly and while they struggle to get to the top, only a few rarely get to the center stage. Reports show that the NFT space sees a collective trading volume of $10-$20 million every week. 

What makes the most expensive NFTs stand out? What makes Collections like Bored Ape Yacht Ape, or CryptoPunks sought after?

 One of the key elements of a successful NFT Project is its narrative.  NFT Artists release new NFT Projects ever so often, each believing their new project is unique. That may be true, but in the NFT space, it takes more than uniqueness to catch the attention of collectors. 


Why You Should Promote your NFT Collection. 

  • Quite obviously, you get the chance to grab the attention of more people who are likely to spend money purchasing your NFT. 
  • By promoting your collection, you grab the attention of other NFT artists too, making it possible for collaborations in the future. 


 Eight (8) ways you can effectively promote your NFT Collection

Use Influencers 

Influencers bring your project to their community giving you exposure and helping to build a community for the project. 

Influencers in the NFT space typically charge different amounts as fees, based mostly on their reach, following, and the type of promotion needed. Shop for influencers with relevance in the NFT space and have the right amount of following and popularity power you are looking to have. 

Check their social ranking impressions and performance is very important when you hire social media influencers. You want to make sure you provide them with unique UTM links so you can measure how much traffic you’re generating exclusively through the influencer’s posts.


Community Building 

Community Building has proven to be one of the most effective ways to promote your NFT Collection. Brands like the BAYC, Otherseed for Otherside, and CryptoPunks have thrived because of their community-building activities.

There are various means of creating a community, which include Discord servers and Telegram Channels. There are no constraints on the number of platforms you can employ to interact with crypto enthusiasts.

The beauty of Discord, telegram, and other community platforms is that they bring millions of people who share similar interests. 

Take advantage of social media 

Social Media Marketing is an ideal approach to promoting your NFTs. 

For social media, running ads specific to the NFT community on that platform is ideal. Platforms like Reddit and Twitter platforms have a good database of the interest, timeline, and topical habits of their users, which allows them to streamline the audience for your ads, so you can reach the right people with the right content.

It’s necessary to start preparing your audience for the launch of your collection m  Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Medium are the most common platforms for displaying your drop.  As a tip, you can create engaging content around the creation of the NFT Collection itself. For instance, you can tell your audience about the tools you used to create the pieces, the collection’s essential core concept, any mistakes you made, and so on. 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, and TikTok k, in addition to Twitter, are all excellent marketing tools. 


Get into Newsletters 

Most NFT marketplaces, content media, and various other crypto platforms send out newsletters at several intervals during the day, week, or month. A good tactic would be to reach out to them, requesting them to add your NFT release in the forthcoming newsletter. This is most likely to be a paid effort but it has its advantages.

How can this help you? Firstly, you get the chance to get in the faces of thousands of subscribers of that particular newsletter.  This already eliminates the search for the “right audience”, since those subscribed to the said list will most likely be collectors, influencers, and enthusiasts in the NFT space. 


Organize airdrop campaign

An airdrop campaign is a campaign built around your NFT launch that can go a long way in your promotion efforts. Fortunately, all of the other methods already highlighted can be put together in order to have a well-rounded Airdrop campaign.

An Airdrop involves sending some of your NFTs to crypto wallet holders. The recipients of the drops will receive your NFTs for free, but you can take advantage of this by adding a condition: a small service: maybe to retweet or share your social media posts for a certain period of time, or maybe to join your community.

Ideally, the recipients of the NFT drops will be active engagers of your NFT brand.


Organize AMA Sessions 

‘“Ask-Me-Anything’ sessions are excellent ways of interacting with collectors. You can host periodic sessions where you answer questions about your NFT project. Collectors would most likely ask questions about your NFT’s utility, use case, or if owning your NFT comes with some other perks and privileges. Twitter is very popular amongst crypto natives. Use it to connect to a larger audience.


Get a PR Article about your collection 

It is also a good tactic to publish a PR article to announce your NFT project launch.  Just like getting on the newsletters of major crypto media platforms, you can alternatively pay for a featured PR article.  Sites like CryptoTvplus showcase featured articles of new NFT and Metaverse projects. And platforms like that also have a large visit rate. Asides from this, you can enter into alternative collaborations with media platforms to reach the same goal. 


Create Teaser Videos

An engaging Teaser Video showcasing the uniqueness of your NFTs is a good asset you should have. Your teaser video should give snippets of some of the NFT items in your collection. The video could have a trending sound or music in the background. Special effects can be utilized too, to add a little spice to your videos. Get people excited about your NFT collection. 


Closing thoughts

While the methods mentioned are some of the major methods you can use to promote your NFT project, there are other ways to promote your collection. Two things that could drive the success of your collection are narrative and utility. Have a Compelling Narrative. Collectors are attracted to a narrative. People easily resonate with a relatable story.  What is the narrative for your NFT? What’s your story? To answer these questions, you could think about what inspired you to create the project. Also, you can craft a narrative around the theme of your NFT collection. It could be a comic, a satire of social commentary, or an indication of exclusivity, class, or status. Craft your story around your Big Idea. You should also communicate the benefits of your NFT. Why should people buy and hold your NFT? Give them reasons to. 

What do you think of this article? Share your comments below.

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