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Ukraine sells donated CryptoPunk NFT to fund war



The war-affected nation, Ukraine, just sold an NFT donated to her when the war with Russia started. There was a fundraising project started to support the country, and a major part of donations sent have been in crypto assets. And one of the donations given is the Cryptopunk NFT.

News of the sale was made public by the country’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation:

Although the NFT was purchased at 90 ETH, amounting to about $100,000, the buyer remains anonymous. The initial value of the crypto asset was 16.19 ETH on February 21, 2021, when it was purchased. However, the price as of March 03, 2022, was 68.9 ETH. And then the downward trend in the price of Ethereum as well as most crypto assets affected it.

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Crypto Donations to Ukraine

Ukraine has received a massive response from the world and thanks to cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets as well, breaking the barrier for anyone to support the nation. In total, it isestimated that the country has received more than $135 million worth of crypto-based donations.

From the $6.75 million sales of its national flag to donations from Binance Charity…

FTX CEO also announced their donations to all Ukrainians:

There are also further calls for support for Ukraine.

With this, blockchain technology is showing new possibilities around the world where people can be helped by anyone, anytime, and at any place.

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1 Comment

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