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Binance wants to be the Google of Blockchain – Benjamin Nkisan



Binance is known as the largest centralized exchange in the world with about $76 billion in 24h trading volume, hosting more than 600 cryptocurrencies, and 90 million registered users as of June 28th, 2022. The platform was founded by Changpeng Zhao in 2017 to “increase the freedom of money for people around the world. Our approach was simple: to focus unwaveringly on our users and always act in their best interests,” said the Founder of Binance. Binance also believes education is important.

“We believe that for adoption to come, there is a need for education,” Benjamin Nsikan, Head of Binance Africa Community said at the just concluded Binance-BCAT event.  Thus, Binance supports events that are focused on crypto education. In 2020, they held a masterclass that reached out to thousands of people, especially Africans.

Binance is also a key sponsor of the Binance BCAT Africa 2022 South East Edition held in Enugu event that was geared towards making people aware of the opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

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The Goal and Services Offered by Binance

The platform is known as an exchange spot where anyone can access and exchange approved crypto assets for crypto or fiat. With that, users can easily move their money from one place to another without the challenges experienced with the normal banking system.

Speaking about Binance, Benjamin noted that the exchange is user-friendly, has one of the largest liquidity in the entire crypto space, and has a fast backup system that gives it an edge against fraud and hacks. Binance wants to become the “Google of the Blockchain industry” said Benjamin and that’s why they are focused on user needs. 

With good customer care service, they can discover these needs and solve them by building important and relevant products that users will appreciate. Binance Smartchain is the native chain where developers can create products relevant to the ecosystem. And two months ago, the brand shortlisted 14 projects for its Binance Incubation, Season 4 Program, showing its commitment to a better crypto ecosystem.

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1 Comment

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