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Bentley to Release Genesis NFTs on the Polygon Network



Bentley has announced that its Genesis NFT project will be launching on the Polygon network in September 2022.

This was made known on its Twitter handle a few hours ago:

According to plans, the NFT will be in limited numbers of 208. The number was chosen because of its uniqueness and importance to the global automobile brand: 208 is the top speed of its fastest Grand Tourer car (the Continental GT) and the total number of the R-Type Continental 1952 car is 208. The R-Type is the foundation of the design for modern Bentley cars.

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Design, Offers, and Rewards of the NFT

Bentley Designers will be in charge of the outlook of the NFT which will be launched on an eco-friendly network, Polygon. It’s known that Polygon is a carbon-neutral project but will go completely negative by the end of 2022. Then for Bentley, the projection into sustainability is that all their cars will use batteries by 2030. And so, partnering with a climate-conscious ecosystem is important.

Bentley is known for being a luxurious brand and so holders of the NFTs will have access to exciting offers and rewards that communicate the essence of the brand. Alain Favey, who is a member of the Board for Sales and Marketing explained the importance of the brand being online since its target market is already involved in the digital merchandise by “purchasing luxury goods with digital currency, and establishing businesses in the Metaverse”.

This means that Bentley will be exploring more in the years to come to fulfill the needs of its customers. And this NFT project is just one step in that direction.

Describing the deal, Ryan Wyatt, CEO at Polygon said that the Polygon-Bentley partnership is setting a pace in the automobile industry to fast- track the inclusion of Web3 technology into the market. And the focus of the brands on sustainability is also important.

Proceeds from the NFT sales will be used for philanthropic activities like accelerating “support for students interested in engineering, design, and manufacturing, all areas where Bentley requires new talent annually” said the website.


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1 Comment

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