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Crypto Exchange X.Plus Partners with Crypto Education Platform Earnathon




Cryptocurrency exchange X.Plus has partnered with blockchain and cryptocurrency education platform Earnathon to push crypto education across the globe through its learn & earn platform. 

As the world continues to evolve, so the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry continues to grow even increasingly, bringing innovative solutions to the fore.

Since the invention of Bitcoin, the world has awakened to the ever increasing relevance and importance blockchain and cryptocurrency holds in the now and in the future.

From innovations such Decentralized Finance, PlayToEarn, NFTs, Metaverse, blockchain continues to show just how much importance it holds in shaping the world we live in.

As the world continues to march on its adoption of cryptocurrency, two major things remain very imperative and they are the platforms that enable the exchange of digital values and the platform that makes people aware of the multitudes of innovative solutions through carefully designed educational programs. 

X.Plus is a cryptocurrency exchange offering unique features to users. Designed for both expert and young traders, users can trade multiple crypto assets on the Spot or Margin markets. X.Plus also features a launchpad amongst other services. 

Earnathon is a multiproduct platform offering a Multichain GameFi Aggregator, launchpad, and PlayToEarn Guild. Earnathon features a Learn & Earn which enables users to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency and earn crypto tokens. 

Earnathon and X.Plus through this partnership will work together to bring crypto awareness to the Blockchain community while bringing to global awareness the unique products offered by X.Plus

Speaking on the partnership, COO of X.Plus Sam said “Xplus, as the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform, simultaneously operates the spot, margin trading, financial products and other transaction scenes. Cooperation with Earnathon also represents a further step forward on XPlus’ globalization. There is no doubt that it means an epic step for both the XPLUS community and the PlaytoEarn fields.

Tony Emeka, the CEO of Earnathon said “We believe in defining crypto education. Our team has for many years been promoting Blockchain and cryptocurrency education and we’ve created Earnathon to take this education drive across the world. We’re happy to partner with X.Plus to help us expand our mission into newer territories as we utilize our platform to bring defining knowledge of what blockchain and cryptocurrency is to the world”.

X.Plus will sponsor or promote crypto through the Earnathon learn and earn and help to drive growth even in areas such as PlaytoEarn – Metaverse, NFTs etc as Earnathon brings these services to the fore. 



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