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Brindocorp Acquires Sinzu, a Non-Custodial Wallet for Avalanche based Assets




Brindocorp has announced the acquisition of Sinzu, a non-custodial wallet for storing Avalanche crypto assets. 

Brindocorp is a company that drives innovation by providing clients with superior-tech talent, strategy, and support.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has grown so much in recent years and lots of various players are coming up with innovative solutions helping to make the development and deployment of smarter and more powerful decentralized applications as well as championing the creation of an entire multi-trillion dollar industry. 

Avalanche is an open, programmable smart contracts platform for decentralized applications. It uses the proof of stake protocol to achieve consensus. Avalanche has a 4500 transaction per second capability with a 2 second finality. 

As a tech organization, Brindocorp’s primary objective is to develop highly innovative and world-class products.

The acquisition of Sinzu gives Brindocorp the opportunity to explore an even more exciting and promising fast growing ecosystem. 

The company has plans to make Sinzu support assets from multiple blockchain networks like Binance Smart Chain, Conflux, Polygon, and Ethereum.

As the industry continues to grow, products that are able to bridge the gap between crypto natives and non-crypto people and give users the freedom to explore the vast opportunities abounding in the decentralized world are the ones to be sought after. 

Speaking on the acquisition, Founder of Brindocorp, Olusegun Komolafe said; 

this is part of our plans to bridge our existing products with the blockchain. There are enormous possibilities in the web3 space and by providing the most simple tools will be the best way to introduce new users.”

Founder of Sinzu, Gbolahan Onadeko also commented saying;

We believe this acquisition will bring in more opportunities into this space, there’s so much work left to be done.”

For an undisclosed amount, the company has acquired Sinzu and intends to enable the Avalanche assets based wallet, a multichain wallet supporting assets of various networks. 

Future plans will be revealed as the company finalizes. 


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