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Top BSC Games User Activities Drop Sharply in 7 Days






Blockchain based gaming innovation known as GameFi has come with a bang, helping to introduce the concept of the sharing economy into the world of gaming.

With GameFi, gone are the days when only game developers could make money from playing games. Now, both game creators and gamers can maximize their efforts and earn a considerable amount of money.

While not a new concept, it has started growing and gaining huge attention. With the crypto market filled with a lot of money, investors are looking for the next best shining thing (projects) to invest their money in the hopes of high returns.

As the attention is going to grow high, Data from DappRadder seems to be showing quite an interesting story.

A comparison of the top GameFi project on Ethereum and BSC shows that some have been losing steam in terms of user activities over the past 7 days.


While over the past 24 hours, this game has received over 140% increase in user attention and interaction, it has over the past seven days recorded a 19.69% decrease in user activities.

Zoo- Crypto World

The BSC game has recorded a 9% loss in users over the past 24 hours and a  1.29% over the past 7 days.

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CryptoBay data shows that the game has seen a reduction in its users at 11.30% over the past 24 hours and at a 7 day period, records shows it has a negative record of 12%.


This NFT role playing game has recorded a 30.21% reduction in its users in 7 days and while under the past 24 hours has seen a total reduction of 11%.

Daily new GameFi projects are popping up. Could the Binance smart chain gamers be moving to a new chain such as Ethereum or Wax? Or are they moving on to other BSC latest games as it is a normal behaviour in the industry?

Whatever it is, GameFi is here to stay and Binane Smart Chain (BSC) may have a very huge role to play in advancing this innovation.


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1 Comment

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